Walter Jones: No one cares what you think

For a brief moment last year, I had a warm spot in my heart for Walter Jones, the unpredictable US Representative from the 3rd district. He spoke out against the idiocy of Bush's War in Iraq, and I thought he might have the potential for actually being a sane Republican. Boy was I wrong. Because for all his talk about law and order, Jones doesn't care much about justice when the crimes involve shooting brown people. His sidekick in this issue, Sue Myrick, is just as bad - but then I naturally expect less from her.

From Jones' website:

RALEIGH — Reps. Walter Jones and Sue Myrick, Republicans from North Carolina's 3rd and 9th Districts, respectively, have joined 13 other congressmen to request that the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration conduct a hearing on the conviction of two border control agents who are due to enter federal prison in January. The agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, were convicted of shooting an illegal alien in the buttocks after he fled from them. The suspect, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, had carried 743 pounds of marijuana across the U.S. border near El Paso, Texas.

Ramos and Compean were sentenced on Oct. 19, Ramos to 11 years and Compean to 12 years. They are scheduled to begin serving their time Jan. 17. Both are appealing their verdicts.


Twelve congressmen, including Jones and Myrick, in October had requested a presidential pardon for the two agents. At an Oct. 23 press conference a reporter asked White House spokesman Tony Snow whether President Bush would pardon the agents, and Snow characterized the question as "nonsensical." That drew Jones's ire.

"Unfortunately, your comments reinforced the perception that the Administration is indifferent toward the agents' case," Jones wrote in an Oct. 31 letter to Snow. "Despite my repeated requests for an investigation of this case and, most recently, a request by a dozen members of Congress for the President to pardon the agents, the Administration has collectively dismissed the concerns of elected members of Congress and countless citizens throughout the country."

Jones also called the Justice Department's pursuit of the case against the agents "overzealous" and "unjust." After failing to hear a response from the White House on the pardon, Jones had harsher words for President Bush in a letter dated November 15. "With an approval rating hovering near thirty percent," Jones wrote, "it is obvious and evident that the citizens of our nation have been disappointed with your Administration — and I believe your inaction on this issue is a key reason why."

Does Jones really think Bush's inaction on a couple of trigger-happy border patrol agents is "a key reason" his approval ratings are so low? What a frickin' idiot.

It's hard to understand Jones and Myrick criticizing the Justice Department as being "overzealous" for doing their damn jobs. If that's what this was really about the issue would never have been raised. But it's not about that. It's about the fact that Jones is an ultra-nationalist and an isolationist who wouldn't mind at all if US border patrol agents shot lots of brown people in their asses as they tried to get into the United States.

Jones is just like Richard Brrrr and all the other members of the Do-Nothing Congress. Even as a member of the majority, he can't get King George to listen or care about anything he says. And while he's doing a few good things for our men and women in uniform, his legislative records has, shall we say, been more than a little anemic over the past five terms. Imagine what a useless piece of work he'll be for the next two years.


Welcome to the Frickin' Club

the Administration has collectively dismissed the concerns of elected members of Congress and countless citizens throughout the country.

You could tattoo that on your forehead, Mr. Jones, because every Democrat feels like they have it on theirs.

"I remember one incident very clearly -- I think it was 2001," says Winslow Wheeler, who served for twenty-two years as a Republican staffer in the Senate. "I was working for [New Mexico Republican] Pete Domenici at the time. We were in a Budget Committee hearing and the Democrats were debating what the final result would be. And my boss gets up and he says, 'Why are you saying this? You're not even going to be in the room when the decisions are made.' Just said it right out in the open."

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I hate to bring up Virginia Foxx...

... and shit all in the soup.

One thing that really got my dander up was her reply to a letter I sent her concerning judicial nominations. Not since second grade has anyone talked down to me like she did in that letter.

"I am doing what is right for the district."


We The People just ain't buying that crap any longer.

Then there is the Iraq Study Group...

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Good question

It would be hard to give up being King of the NC Senate to be a junior Congressman in DC. Basnight has a lot of power and mostly uses it wisely, in my opinion. Certainly a hell of a lot more wisely than his counterpart in the House.

This one I disagree with you on...

I've followed it pretty closely and think these two agents got a raw deal. The drug smuggler got a get-out-of-jail-free card for agreeing to testify against the two agents...and the two agents were also it isn't about shooting "brown people."

Stan Bozarth

I don't disagree that the agents got a raw deal

But the truth is, this sort of crap happens all the time. Deals get made, people get off, people get screwed. It's part of the creaky and arcane machinery of justice.

So of all the thousands of deals made in which bad guys testify to save their skins, why is this one the one Jones gets all bent out of shape about?

But my main point is about Jones being ineffective. If this was as egregious as he (and you) say, why hasn't he gotten action on it? Why are only 13 Reps signed on to his petition. Because he slammed Bush on the war? Is that what this is about? Paybacks?

I withdraw my smart-ass comment about racism as part of Jones motivation. I was out of line.

Can't say why Jones picked this to get bent over...

and why only 13? Well, hell we can't get these assholes (D's and R's alike) to stop the killing in Iraq, increase the minimum wage, or stop violating our Constitution. So, go figure...why should they care that two Border Patrolmen got 10 years for chasing and shooting a damn drug smuggler. Now, take away their limo drivers or some other perk and all the schmucks in Congress will squeal injustice.

Stan Bozarth