Watch Rep. Jim Crawford get confronted on Amendment One:

If you're into political drama, check out this video of Rep. Jim Crawford (D-Person, Granville) being confronted by a constituent over his co-sponsorship of the Amendment One bill. The constituent, Elaine McNeill, is absolutely awesome (watch her starting around 2:15 for an amazingly moving personal testament). Meanwhile, Crawford flips-flops on the Amendment when confronted with the reality of his decision to support it in the NC House. More after the jump ...

This was recorded in Oxford on April 16th at a candidate debate sponsored by the Granville Democratic Party. We have other footage from the debate we hope to process soon. Rep. Crawford came outside to confront me and a Progress NC Action co-worker before the debate about some flyers we were handing out (see During the course of a spirited conversation about several issues, I suggested Rep. Crawford prove his belief in public education by standing up for it this year instead of voting to cripple its budget as he did in 2011. His reply: "I don't believe in making speeches. I work in the back rooms." Well, something tells me the back room deal he cut about Amendment One may not be worth it to him -- he insists the final Amendment One bill was much harsher than the one he sponsored and, yet, he still voted for that harsher bill. This ambivalence seems to be a family trait. His son, also running for the NC House in District 32, claimed in this same debate he had not yet read the amendment or formed an opinion on it. (?!) Okay, it's a whopping 22-words long, so maybe it would take him too long to read it, but, hey, it's only the biggest political issue this election cycle. Let's stop trying to duck it.


Crawford voted for the harsher bill TWICE

yet, he still voted for that harsher bill.

There are 2 recorded votes on a constitutional amendment.

Even Tea Party darling Rep. Glen Bradley only voted for the amendment once.



Crawford is what we have come to know as a lying piece of sh/t, floating in the same cesspool as McCrory, Tillis, Romney, et. al.

And in 2010, and in 2011

Crawford is an old school bigot.

It's long time for him to ride off into the sunset.

Send him on his way!


After we get this amendment passed...

...We're going to have to start thinking about amendment TWO--the next set of arbitrary criteria will be for restricting marital freedom. Age disparity? If you were hoping to marry a consenting adult that is more than 10 years younger than you then that is a threat to traditional marriage, so no marriage license for you!! Oh, and of course we could also limit it to where blue-eyed people are only allowed to marry other blue-eyed people and brunettes can't marry blondes. How about height and weight disparities?? Favorite colors? IQ differences? I'll bet we could get REALLY crazy with DNA sequences.

This is some sickening stuff and Jim Crawford has lost my vote. I will be on the lookout for his name on any ballot I see.

Gotta love the straw man

Gotta love the straw man argument...