Weekend Open Thread: Wornout

Somewhere between the childish shenanigans of NC Republicans, and the ever-growing prospect of war between two nuclear powers, both led by grossly immature low-functioning sociopaths, my mind seems to have decided no more data will be accepted at this time. I'm reading the words, but no light bulbs are coming on. It's like the breaker keeps tripping every time I try to run the vacuum cleaner (that's a metaphor for sucking up dirty details, so apparently I still have some use of my faculties, although I usually wouldn't use the word "faculties" in this context). Maybe I should just sit here and look out the window for awhile...



James may be on to something

I've known a few chicken people in my time, and they've been relatively happy people. I may have to consider this...

It takes a toll

Keeping up with all the lies and political manipulation is soul-deadening. Breaks are needed, if only brief respites. I took about two months off from reading the news, and I'm sorry to say it didn't help much. Because the day I came back, it was more of the same.

I don't know if Republican leaders are inherently bad people or simply oblivious. Probably both.

Gotta hand it to David Lewis though. He says redistricting will be done with the goal of gaining political advantage. I expect those words will come back to haunt him in court cases to come.

Unfortunately, the advantage he wants is the ability to dominate others. Other races, other genders, other religions, other anything. Said another way, he's a power hungry asshole and proud of it.

PS Chickens

Having the daily ritual of cleaning chickenshit is a good metaphor for what you're trying to do. In both cases, the crap just keeps on coming and coming and coming.

Let's play with this metaphor and build it out. Could be a great op-ed. "Chicken poop on Jones Street."