Weekend woundup

Jim Rogers of Duke Energy has a word for North Carolina rate payers: Suckers.


Heh heh

Rep voters saying the exact same thing about Renee Ellmers. Its almost like a cosmic joke on all grassroots folks regardless of political persuasion.

They do have one thing in common

They were both sent to Congress with zero political experience, and a rather thin set of policy positions. And (unfortunately) they both seem to be gobbling up ideas from corporate lobbyists instead of using whatever common sense they have.

Kissell and McIntyre...

both deserve the boot out the door of the House of Representatives. But what the hell can you do, given their opposition from the GOP?

Martha Brock

Advice to Dalton: Stop

Advice to Dalton: Stop bobbling. I know speakers are encouraged to "spot" members of the audience. But too much already. You look like a bobble doll, duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh.