Weird Trump-church rumor coming out of western NC

I'm passing this along because it's just so strange, but still plausible.

I have not see any media confirmation of this, but it would be quite curious if it were true.

I have friend in Charlotte who works for a mainstream church in the city and people at his church were talking about something they heard about this weekend.

Apparently, there was a coordinated effort among several right-wing evangelical ministers in western NC to all deliver the same message in their sermon this past Sunday. They told their congregations that the debate last night wouldn't matter and their vote in November wouldn't matter because Obama is going to declare martial law and serve a third term.

If you've spent any time on the Internet and seen any of the nut job conspiracy theories going around, this one of the old sawhorses from the AltRight.

The new twist is here is that the riots in Charlotte are supposedly part of Obama's plan to carry this out. And somehow Trump is going to save them from this.

The people at my friend's church were speculating that the Trump people organized this effort. It does sound like an off the deep end thing that Roger Ailes or someone else with the national or state Trump campaign would come up with.

Anyone else heard something about it?



Sounds perfect

Way back when, I spent my life hanging around churches. We went to Sunday school, Sunday service, training union, and Wednesday Bible study. That place was full of bullshit like this, with people worrying about conspiracies and invasions and the second coming and the devil and worse. This seems totally plausible to me.

PS. I recently overheard a

PS. I recently overheard a conversation in a barbecue joint, were three people were talking about when Armageddon would happen. One guy swore it was going to be last Monday, but his wife said she wasn't so sure. She thought it would be in October.

I just don't know what to do with crap like this.