The weird world of Will Breazeale

It's hard to know what to make of a man who hates government as much as Will Breazeale, especially since he has spent so much of his career drawing a government paycheck. But that's another story.

What's weirder still is Breazeale's relationship with his own integrity. Though he promises he would serve only six years in Congress if elected, he can't simply stand on the strength of his word. He's joined up with the Teabaggers at Americans for the Prosperous by signing a pledge that when he does break his word, he can stay in Congress for the chump-change price of $250,000. Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch dissects the irony.

Breazeale himself has already taken a "bonded term limits pledge," promising to donate $250,000 to a private charity if he doesn't serve only three terms if he is elected ... which means that you should only run for Congress if you have $250,000 to give away.

If Breazeale gives the impression of a snake-oil salesman full of gimmicks and stunts, that's because he is. You need look no farther than his "No Climate Tax" pledge to get a sense of his bizarre priorities.

Americans for the Prosperous announced this week that Will Breazeale, a Republican candidate for Congress, has signed "No Climate Tax" pledge, whatever that means.

Promising a group of anti-government global warming deniers that you won't do anything to address the devastating effects of climate change is more of an indication of the desperation of your candidacy than anything else, but it also marks beginning of the pledge drive nonsense to come.

Imagine, for a moment, that some of the catastrophic climate events of concern to scientists start to have impact on the ground. For example, imagine that over the next few years, we were to witness sea-level increases of a modest three inches. That change would effectively overwash many of North Carolina's barrier islands and create massive impacts on coastal communities. Mr. Breazeale, by virtue of his publicity stunts, is saying that he wouldn't lift a finger to do anything about that.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have elected officials who take the time to think through the consequences of their future actions without tying their own hands in order to suck up to voters.

Read Chris's column on the "No Pledge Pledge." It's one of his best.


Breazeale votes vets?

If Cunningham wins the primary, Breazeale will surely be endorsing him instead of Richard Burr, no?


Does anybody know anything about this guy?

This post triggered a flurry of emails about him from people I don't know, none of which are complimentary in the slightest. It would be great to hear from someone with direct and personal experience.

My interest in the question also stems from this blog post, where Breazeale does a mea culpa for a divorce and a dispute over child support. I've found that such confessions are often designed to paper over other worrisome matters, as we found with John Edwards.

And then there's the matter of thinking that campaign funds can be used to buy clothes. Guess he's takin' his lead from Bailin' Palin.