We're making ourselves accessible via YouTube and Google Hangouts

I've taken your advice and begun a series of YouTube videos that we will use to speak directly to the voters. The first one went live today and serves as an intro:

Our campaign is also doing a series of virtual town halls. The first one is tonight at 7pm and focuses on education. Everyone across the state is welcome to join us:


Our current Representative has been abysmally absent from the district. He has decided to listen to statewide special interests instead of paying attention to the voters in the district. We're making it a point to be as accessible as possible to the folks in Pitt County.


Great intro video Uriah!

I canvassed for Kay Hagan on Sunday. We met at Peppermint park before knocking on doors. It is a great location for your video. The people I spoke with while canvassing were strong supporters of Kay- only one man was leaning towards Kay. These Democrats all seemed especially motivated to vote- which makes me optimistic. I am new to Greenville and don't live in your district (I am at the tip of district 8), but I would like to help your campaign out. I just sent my info through your website.