We've long since passed the point where any NCDP discussion is productive

Several folks have asked me to weigh in to mediate the messy discussions about the NC Democratic Party, the executive director, Chairman Voller, and such. I decline. From out here on the sidelines, it looks like a classic blood feud with strongly committed people representing strongly held beliefs on all sides of the issue. Many of the comments involve actions in meetings that happened in private, which then spilled over to these pages.

I'm sympathetic to all sides of the issue, and wish only that a productive path forward can be found. Given the obvious deep divides, that seems unlikely.


I'm just about done with it myself

I've tried to be understanding and helpful on this issue, but I just got an e-mail that blows my mind. Apparently I'm an asshole and a bad blogger, and (of course) not nearly as "helpful" as I thought.

Not a happy camper.

I am certainly not calling anyone an asshole.

For some folks, when you win an election by even one vote, you win. You get to do your thing when you can do so without needing to ask others for their permission. And if you have to hold the occasional vote to do other things, you do what you can when you win, and you don't do it when you don't.

For those folks on the losing end of votes - and I have been on the losing side a few times - you should accept it like an adult, and go on. Work with the people who win and offer up your best work. I have done that many times.

Of course there are some folks who can't and won't let it drop. I've had some people tell me that Randy has no mandate because he won by such a small margin. When I asked him what margin would give a mandate large enough for him not to be such a sore loser, he had no answer.

We have rules in the party. We hold elections and elections have consequences. If you don't like the rules, change the rules. If you don't like the results of the election, wait till the next time. Or try and change the minds of the winner. But these constant attacks - along with the money in politics - are really turning people off to being active in politics.

But perhaps that is what the folks trying to privatize politics are trying to do - get so many of us aggravated enough to throw up our hands and walk away.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Enough already

OK enough already. People are rehashing the nomination of Dr. Chavis and he has not even been nominated yet. And I think, at this point, the executive council would have something to say if he were nominated. According to the POO, the chairman has the ability to terminate the Executive Director and supplies the Executive Council with the name(s) of persons he would like to nominate. It is up to the Executive Council to either approve or deny the nominee. A better use of our time would be to think, who do we want as our next Executive Director? What qualities do we want our next ED to have?

Stephanie Goslen

Perspective of a "newcomer"

I grew up in NC but moved away and only returned in 2012. I am bewildered by the in-fighting and have found something dislike from each side. I'm sure there are plenty of legitimate grievances driving complaints about competence or incompetence, amateurism, cronyism, etc.--accusations which seem to come equally from pro- and anti-Voller individuals and also to be equally lacking in understandable citation. But not knowing those grievances, all I can say is that it's an enormous turn-off.

The key question that seems to be missing here

Would having Chavis as Executive Director of the Democratic Party in North Carolina be a positive or a negative? Laying all of the shit aside, is he going to help democrats win more elections in North Carolina? And, if so, why, exactly.

THAT is really all that matters, isn't it?


"I'm sympathetic to all sides of the issue, and wish only that a productive path forward can be found."

Amen. Republicans right now pose an existential threat to our state and are doing things that will take *years* and even *decades* to undo. We should be motivated to work together towards the single goal of beating those pricks to an extent we never have been before.

And instead we're getting petty, vindictive arguments from *both* sides .... and the telling thing is that none of those arguments are even remotely comprehensible outside the respective bubbles. Your average everyday NC Dem can't even figure out what the hell the sides are arguing ABOUT.

It's nuts. Absolutely nuts.