What comes to mind when young people think about Republicans

Reasons for optimism.

"Corporate greed, old, middle-aged white men, rich, religious, conservative, hypocritical, military retirees, narrow-minded, rigid, not progressive, polarizing, stuck in their ways, farmers."

And with regard to NC ass clowns like Pat McCrory, they could have added, "chickenhawks, corporate whores, misogynists, and bigots." Gotta love that GOP brand.


Hypocritical, narrow-minded & stuck in their ways?

Doesn't that describe everyone not living in Chapel Hill?

I would think being "hypocritical, narrow-minded and stuck in their ways" would be character flaws common to all human beings at some point in their life.

I know I am hypocritical, my children think I am narrow-minded and my wife is definitely stuck in her Victorian ways. But I do miss the corporate greed. I sold my corporation some years ago and I do miss "knocking" down that cash money each week.

Yeah, we're all prone to those things

The difference is, some of us realize they're character flaws and strive to improve ourselves, while others fail to see the problem or refuse to acknowledge it.

Only the former has the aptitude to lead responsibly.