What It's Like to Work for a Tough, Courageous Candidate Like Kerry Sutton

The pace of the race in NC Senate District 22 picked up steam over the weekend, when during a routine search for campaign finance disclosures, we discovered that our opponent had failed to file organizational paperwork with the State Board of Elections.

When I called Kerry Sutton on Friday to let her know of the online find, Kerry, a defense attorney who is steady and meticulous with details said, "we need to get all the facts before we release any of this."

I was ready to go ahead and tell everyone, traditional media included, just because the "The Committee to Elect Mike Woodard" documents were not on the State Board of Elections website.

So after a weekend of knocking on doors, and researching NC Election Law, and preparing for the release of this information, I was actually shocked to discover that the guy who boasts on his website: "In 2005, I made a very simple promise to the citizens of Durham—that I’d be a councilman they could be proud of." has, now, seven years later made Durham residents not-so-proud by failing to comply with State election law.

Public records show Woodard has not filed any reports for his state senate campaign against my candidate Kerry Sutton. While, it would be easy to say this was just an oversight, it's not the first time Woodard has violated election finance laws. He was cited in 2010 for not providing timely and accurate information about contributions and expenditures for his campaign for Durham City Council.

It would have also been easy for Kerry Sutton to say run with it, but she didn't. Instead she wanted to give her opposition the benefit of the doubt, and thus we waited, got our ducks in row, and then sent out just the facts.

One thing is for certain, with Kerry Sutton in the NC Senate, our state will have a tough, and courageous advocate. She will do her homework before she casts a vote and she will always be a defender of what's right and fair--even to her opponent in this race.



Today we learned that Mr. Woodard had also failed to file his Statement of Economic Interest with the State Ethics Commission on time. I can't help but wonder why? When asked by two different media outlets, he gave two different answers:

From The N&O:

"Woodard said he received a written notice about the missing report last Friday. The notice gave him 30 days to comply."

From the Indy:

"I mailed them. They didn't receive them."

The guy is back-pedaling at such a pace a circus acrobat would be envious. Other than his failure to comply with the law, I guess I'm most upset that now he's blaming the whole fiasco on the United States Post Office. Our public employees are faced with a barrage of negativism from Republicans of all stripes and now a Democrat is piling on to try and make his error seam palatable with voters. What's up with that?

He's an elected official and should know better. The State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Manual states plainly, "The Campaign Finance Office of the State Board of Elections strongly encourages treasurers to send all disclosure reports by certified mail. In the event a postmark is not legible or a report is lost in the mail, the certified mail receipt will serve as proof of timely filing." (highlighted emphasis copied directly from the manual)

If I were public employee I wouldn't be at all happy with this lame excuse. Seems when Mr. Woodard makes a mistake, it is ok with him to blame public workers. Will he blame state workers or teachers when he errs in the NC Senate?

By the way, the USPS has a 96.23% performance indicator on First Class Mail delivery. Maybe he should have said the dog ate the forms.

Kerry has run a solid campaign, and she could use your help with a contribution or volunteer time, and of course, your vote.

I support Kerry Sutton

She's the one Durham attorney who was willing to stand up to (now) former DA Tracey Cline and call her out for her unethical actions as Durham DA.

Woodard also seves on the Board of Directors of Voyager Academy, a K-12 charter school in northern Durham that is bleeding middle class families and their funding from Durham Public Schools.


I fear that he will advocate for more charters that will contribute to the establishment of a 2-level system of schools in NC - one for the haves and one for the have-nots.

Thank You Todd!

Please don't forget to vote and tell on your Durham, Caswell and Person County friends.