When Nelson Dollar lies

The Republican Reign of Error here in North Carolina is barely underway, and already GOP golden boys like Nelson Dollar are proving their chops as untrustworthy liars. Progressive Pulse drives the point home, after digesting this story from the AP.

Republican leaders, including Gov.-elect Pat McCrory, initially blamed the Perdue administration for not providing the needed money for group homes. But Republican legislators drafted and approved the 2013 budget, overriding a veto from the outgoing Democratic governor

Rep. Nelson Dollar, a Republican from Cary, has suggested they were never told group home residents were at risk. Dollar is a co-chair of the committee that oversees the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and is one of the chief Republican budget writers in the House.

But it turns out Dollar did know that the 1,400 people were in danger.

An exchange of emails released by the state department through a public records request suggests Dollar was informed. On June 27, five days before the technical corrections bill was ratified, Deputy Secretary for Health Services Beth Melcher emailed Dollar and legislative staffers that group homes would be affected by the Medicaid changes.

The AP story also suggests a motivation for Dollar to exclude the people in group homes and then to try to distort the record about how he did it.

Asked this week whether the legislation had been changed to exclude group homes at the request of lobbyists for the adult care home industry, Dollar replied: “I don’t have an answer for you on that. We talked to a lot of people.”

According to Progressive Pulse, rumors are swirling that Deceptive Dollar is being considered for Secretary of Health and Human Services by governor-elect McCrory. It's hard to imagine a less suitable candidate for the job, but I'm betting McCrory can find one.


Could McCrory do any worse than Perdue?

Gov. Perdue selected a Republican health care lobbyist (for some of the same groups he would oversee as Secretary). I expect Nelson Dollar would be about par given this precedent.

Martha Brock