Which constitutional obligation is under attack today?

Republicans are right. North Carolina voters are clueless in the face of the the corporate coup under way in Raleigh.

It is a terrible and dangerous development that ought to provoke enormous fear and outrage. Unfortunately, thus far, it appears that most of the general public remains blissfully unaware of the fact that this important birthright is being sold out from under them in a cynical and hastily-crafted, last minute legislative maneuver.


Which right did you guess?

  • The right to work
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to public education
  • The right breathe clean air and drink clean water
  • Other

So many opportunities to destroy.

Bloomberg National Poll

Good News Fellow Progressives.

A new Bloomberg National Poll reported June 20 shows a commanding lead for Obama 53% to 40% over Romney. They looked at the surprising data and thought it may be an outlier. But the trend line showed similarities to their earlier poll.
Their methodology is posted.

Does the John Locke Foundation really know anything about John Locke? If they do, does it matter?

The Sage of Wake Forest

Paul Ryan on Rights

Paul Ryan in a television interview today said the Affordable Healthcare Act should be repealed because rights don't come from Government, they come from "nature and God."

So the bill of rights; the constitution and the other legislated rights we have were "handed down" like the the ten commandments to, say, Joseph Smith?

I'm sure Romney would probably agree with that.

But the rest of us are done with libertarian, Ayn Rand nonsense. Read something other than comic books.

The Sage of Wake Forest


I guess the right to have guns was handed down by god too? Paul Ryan is a fucking moron.

The Accidental Representative

So Becky Carney, a Democrat from Mecklenberg,"accidentally" voted for fracking in North Carolina?

We got fracking, right here in River City, and that ends with g and that rhymes with "see" -- friends we got fracking.

North Carolinians, we really must do better in our voting--and that includes voting for "competent" Democrats; not just Democrats.

You have to pass a driving test in this state, which includes red for stop and green for go. Unfortunately, you don't have to pass a representative test.

The Sage of Wake Forest

Hello fellow

Hello fellow progressives:

The recent fracking bill approving fracking in North Carolina is a typical attack on the environment from Republicans, particularly tea party types, hell bent on eliminating needed regulatory protections and an expression of "jobs jobs" at any cost. It is bad news for North Carolina.

There are "federal fracking regulations" on the way that can prevent the runaway destruction of land and water that will take place in Republican led states like North Carolina. In fact, the federal regulations will take effect hopefully in two months.

The downside is that the regulations apply to only federal lands, so their reach is small relative to the future damage that could be done to all U.S. lands.

These federal regulations are, however, a needed step in the right direction in this country. They are and will continue to be an effective deterrent to destructive legislation of the environment done at the state and local levels.

If we want an effective deterrent to bad state legislation, such as we have in North Carolina, then federal legislation protecting the environment, labor, consumers, etc., is the way to go. Support it today and tell your national legislators to take effective action or we will "throw them out," just like the tea partiers threaten the Republicans if they aren't radical enough.

When you hear a political candidate advocating "states rights," elect the other candidate.

The Sage of Wake Forest

According to George Holding's

According to George Holding's latest political ad--we are to believe that if we work hard and "believe in America," but "not" believe in good governance, we will succeed like Thomas Edison, whose short version story Holding features.

The Republicans have tried to sell the "rags to riches" story that never applies to average Americans for years. Holding is still trying to sell it--along with the goodness of "trickle down."

Holding, along with Republicans, are well past their "sell by" date. We need adequate safety nets for average Americans, we need policies that actually encourage mobility, rather than "stories" and "platitudes."

The Sage of Wake Forest

I've lived in North Carolina

I've lived in North Carolina for 10 months and I am astonished by candidates who pass as "Democrats" in this state.
Take Mike McIntyre, who calls himself a Democrat from Lumberton. Yes he is a "blue dog" Democrat--meaning he's really a moderate Republican that is an endangered species in the South: not nearly conservative enough to suit the "new South."
Even though he's endorsed by the NRA and advertises himself as a "Sunday School" teacher; with a servant's heart, that's not good enough. According to the opposition ad on Mike, he voted for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker, and heaven for bid, he sided with Obama care! That's "Washington Mike," where conservatives believe you should be totally obstructionist because effectiveness in Washington is "evil."

I've heard tell that this state is purple, and headed to blue. But the last state election saw the most consertative state legislature in years here. And it clearly appears McCrory is headed to the Governor's mansion.

Can someone please explain to me the politics of this state?

The Sage of Wake Forest

God's will

Run up to the end times wherein our breathtaking ignorance finally squashes our species into irrelevance.