Which McCrory is running for Governor?

Is it the public-private partnership favoring McCrory:

I'd almost make a recommendation instead, that it not be too detailed, but the term "private", I think, limits you. I'd almost go public-private or private-public. There's so many things you have that overlap into shared respnsibilities and I just tend to think there's a way we would use our resources more effectively. I just hope the title of your committee doesn't give the perception that we have to segregate public from private.

Or is McCrory the anti-government crusader that Chris Christie says he is:

"I'm thrilled to be here because there is no more important governor's race in America than the governor's race in North Carolina," he said. "All it needs is the kind of governor who understands that government is not the solution and that getting the wet blanket of over taxation, over spending and over borrowing off the private sector will free up the great citizens of this state, create jobs and help put people back to work."

Chris Christie's glowing yet proof-deficient endorsement aside, is Pat McCrory even qualified for the job? Well, considering that he's not a lawyer but still got hired by a prestigious law firm:

Pat McCrory joined Moore & Van Allen as its Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives in 2010. Mr. McCrory focuses on helping new and existing clients develop strategic initiatives in dealing with complex and sustainable policies which are important to both the public and private sectors.

Apparently being qualified is not that big of a deal in the field of law. Or in the field of executive sales development:

McCrory & Company helps companies build and maintain high performance sales organizations. Four elements are critical to success:
•Management commitment to the new sales culture
•A well-defined sales process
•Tactical and strategic sales training
•A focus on implementation

Our service offerings are tied to these key elements.


Management Commitment

For a successful cultural change, all levels of management must understand their roles in supporting a high performance sales organization. Our consultants are prepared to discuss the Solution Selling® model with all levels of your management team.

Pat McCrory is a Partner with McCrory & Company. His major focus is client development, strategic planning and leadership consulting.

For you reporters who are tired of asking the same old questions during this election season, I've got one I'm sure you haven't thought of. The next time you get a chance to ask Myers Park Pat a question, try this one:

"Could you give our readers a brief overview of the Solution Selling® model, and then maybe tie that together with your vision for the State of North Carolina?"


I forgot, he's also a doctor

McCrory graduated from Catawba College. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Catawba College and received an honorary doctorate degree from the school in 2001.

Okay, let me get this straight: You don't have to have an honorary masters degree before receiving an honorary doctorate? This changes everything. I thought it would take me decades to work my way up the honorary degree ladder...

I had an uncle who was a

I had an uncle who was a professor at Catawba during the time McCrory was there. Dear Uncle was not impressed then....or later.

McCrory is the Mitt Romney of

McCrory is the Mitt Romney of North Carolina. Run as a moderate in liberal Charlotte then move sharply to the right when running for higher office.