The who and what at the DNC

Here is my piece for Creative Loafing of Charlotte on what to watch for during the Democratic National Convention for Democrats in the State of North Carolina:

So, the big questions going into the convention are: 1) How much fight do state Democrats have left in them as the fall election season nears? and 2) Who in the heck is going to lead N.C. Democrats into the 21st century once the dust settles?

Then there is Walter Dalton, who is losing in the polls to McCrory in the gubernatorial race. He needs a game changer in the worst way, and there will be no greater opportunity than his speech to the DNC. We know he supports public education. We know he believes "great jobs grow from great schools." He won't have much time at the podium in Charlotte, so he needs to deliver a king-hell bastard of a speech that dramatically details the economic woes North Carolinians have felt in the last decade. He needs to get emotional and tell stories of folks from rural parts of the who are hurting. In short, he needs to get real.

From the protests to the parties, to all that goes on inside, keep checking for coverage during convention week.


Why do you assume that any elected public official... going to lead NC Democrats? Can you find me any language in the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization or the DNC By-Laws for that matter that state any elected public official runs or leads the Democratic Party at any level?

By that logic, the highest elected public official at the federal level leads the DNC. If there is no Democratic President, who leads - someone in the House or Senate? Or do they lead their own state Democratic Party if there is no Democratic Governor in their state?

I could go on - but I hope you get the point: no elected public official is entitled to lead our Party.

Geeze - President Obama isn't even a member of the DNC. He can't vote for the Chair or any other officers, nor can he vote on the platform or By-Laws. SO why do so many Democrats allow themselves to become rubber-stamps for elected public officials who have no business or right to interfere?

And what about the elected Democrats who do have a vote in certain Executive Committees? The COS members who were pushing David Parker to resign never even cast votes in the SEC even though they were entitled to do so!

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Wake County Verified Voting

Save Democracy great source

Raise Minimum Wages
Living Wage Policies
Earned Income Tax Credit Expansion
Full Employment policies
Reduce High Corporate Salaries
Bolster Union Power
Free or low-cost higher education ala GI Bill
Kid Save Accounts
Progressive Taxation in all are Areas
Employee Ownership Plans

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get out the vote

How does Obama recapture the excitement of 2008, and motivate people to get to the polls so he can pull off what most think will be a narrow victory in November? After all, especially in a swing state like Wisconsin, he will need an enthusiastic got-out-the-vote effort.

The Democrats need to make a credible case that they are going to stand up for working Americans--that the fight to defend the poor and middle class is their fight. They must stick up for civil society, for excellent, free, public education, for rebuilding our infrastructure, a robust system of social insurance, and the other community investments that make the promise of equal opportunity more than a cynical lie.

And they must do this not just with words, but with a more forward-looking, less defensive vision than they have shown lately.

In their great new book, The Betrayal of the American Dream, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters Donald Barlett and James Steele show how both political parties have abetted corporations in destroying the underpinnings of a just and prosperous society. Corporations have had plenty of help from Democrats and Republicans alike in rigging the tax code, hollowing out manufacturing, deregulating industry, making it legal for companies to renege on their pension obligations, sending jobs overseas, and bailing out the banks while letting corrupt Wall Street titans go free after they defrauded their customers and destroyed the economy and many people’s lives.

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Romney Clone?

Kevin Brady, originally from South Dakota, has been a career politician for 15 years. He is a typical Republican shill who lines the hallways of the U.S. Capital telling his constituents one thing but his voting record betrays his own words.  His claim to fame was working for the Chamber of Commerce for 18 years.  This is the rightwing organization that fights to give tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas; and Kevin Brady supported legislation to do just that and to reduce taxes (from 35% down to 5.25%) on those companies taking American jobs to foreign lands.
Kevin Brady sponsored and cosponsored earmarks totaling $101,293,500, most during the GW Bush administration when the GOP pillaged the taxpayer’s treasury.  He voted for the ill-advised war in Iraq, voted for the war in Afghanistan and voted for the Medicare Prescription Plan, all of which blew up U.S. deficit and the unpaid for expense was put on the American taxpayers’ credit card.  If that did not cause enough economic harm Brady voted for both Bush tax cuts for the top 1% driving this country into more massive debt.  Now Brady complains about deficits, the ones he helped to create!
In Brady’s 2012 re-election campaign materials, Kevin states he has consistently delivered relief from high prescription costs, lowering taxes on America’s seniors and he states “I support preserving Social Security for every generation, young and old, with real cost of living increase.”  His claims are not true!  This from the guy who said “spending on programs such as education, health care and museums “do not boost the economy”.
Kevin Brady voted against payroll tax cuts, which put $1000 in the pocket of American families but he supports the Romney/Ryan Budget that would increase taxes on the middle class; incomes of $50,000 to $100,000 would increase $1,358.  Kevin Brady also supports eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction for homeowners. Continue reading “Rep Kevin Brady Votes Reveal Disdain for Seniors but Neil Burns Offers Hope” »

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