Who will you help?

I just made two contributions I intend to make for candidates in this fall's elections. The first was to Elaine Marshall, the second to Billy Kennedy. Both strike me as solid, practical and honest people who will work hard for North Carolina when they get elected.

Beyond these two, I'm eager for input about which candidates for the NC General Assembly deserve progressive support. Please share your suggestions in the comments.

Also, if you do decide to make contributions, consider adding 10 cents to your total amount ... to show the candidate that you are a progressive voter and a member of the BlueNC community. If you're planning to contribute fifteen dollars, please make it $15.10, just so candidates know who has their back.


Rick Glazier in Cumberland County

One of the smartest legislators we have.

He doesn't always vote the way I want (the DNA bill), but we are lucky to have his talents in the General Assembly.

I'm pretty sure even the GOPers know he's good for the legislature as an institution, even if they don't want him in the majority.


We're still around

Planning at least two fundraisers this year - one is a repeat of our very successful Asheville fundraiser last year, details to come on the other ones.

Though there aren't as many young candidates running this year, we are looking to support strong first-time candidates in districts where money can make a difference.

We have to keep the General Assembly, no bones about it.

IS there a progressive caucus in NC?

Are there any resources that try to define who are the progressives in the NC Gen Assembly?


Yes on Charles

I don't know him, but we've been in touch a few times, plus he has posted occasionally here. Thanks for putting his name on the list.

My political donations

Just posted this on facebook to hopefully encourage others to get into the giving mood:

Just made my political contributions for 2010. $50 total. $10 to Billy Kennedy for Congress because I grew up in the 5th district and they deserve better representation than Virginia Foxx. $15 to Equality NC to keep up all the great work they’re doing. And $25 to Elaine Marshall for Senate which needs no explanation.

I certainly support other candidates and causes, when I was working full time after undergrad I felt a little more free with my money (probably gave around $400 between 2008 & 2009), but now that I'm back in school as a poor grad school I'll have to lean more towards volunteering for candidates and advocating for causes rather than donating so much.

But I still think its very important that everyone who can give a little do so, if for other reason than to prop up the numbers of individual donors that candidates are being supported by.

Billy Kennedy needs a vote from all of us

In case you haven't yet...

Please vote in the DFA (Democracy For America) All-Stars endorsement contest before midnight Sunday. Our campaign stands to win up to $25,000 and 2,500 volunteer hours if we win this important endorsement..

Vote for Billy here

Already voted for him

glad to see that link popping up all over the place though =)

Voted for Krystal Ball up in VA in the 2nd spot b/c I keep hearing great things about her, then picked one of the other NC dems for 3rd spot, can't remember who though.

Vote for Billy Kennedy by Sunday at Midnight!

just got this msg from their campaign:

You can help us win by voting for Billy before November! We are within 100 votes of winning up to $30,000 in an online grassroots contest that ends Sunday night at midnight.

This is a critical fundraising opportunity that will give us the edge over Virginia Foxx. It's easy to vote. Your email and name are all that's required. Click here http://bit.ly/amxuNJ to vote for Billy.

If 100 votes is all they need, and everyone on BlueNC helps spread the word, then they have a really good shot at getting some real money for a grassroots campaign of this size.