Who's on first?

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Dalton out?

Brunette, did you see Joe's prognostication online or was it through the personal grapevine? Would love to get a glimpse of where this is coming from.


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Mitt McCrory

In Rob Christensen's puff piece on Myers Park Pat today, at least one sliver of reality slipped in ... an observation from Chris Fitzsimon that Pat's most appropriate nickname may be "Mitt McCrory."

I think that is definitely the right framing. McCrory, who was a moderate in Charlotte who advocated investments in light rail, has been running from his record for two years, trying to convince Tea Party Republicans that he is a hard core conservative.

Another rich flip-flopper who will say anything to get elected to lead the government he loves to hate.

Mitt McCrory. Just what North Carolina needs.


Is there a politician out there who doesn't flip flop?

They all flip flop.

As a conservative, as long as the politician is flopping to be more fiscally conservative, I'm content.

Ron Paul.....

Most of the time he doubles down on his comments when challenged on them.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Too bad you have such low

Too bad you have such low expectations for the people you elect. Of course, that does explain why you're a Republican. You consistently vote for people who hate government, but can't wait to get a job for life at taxpayer expense.

Joe Hackney never flip-flopped on anything. Never.

Mayor vs. mayor

I see I'm not the only one wondering what a McCrory vs. Foxx race would look like: "The Race That's Not Official Yet But Wow Would It Be Fun":

McCrory is a Republican, Foxx is a Democrat, and that means two Charlotte mayors could face off in November for a chance to run the state.

This is like Carolina playing Duke in the Final Four. Well, to be geographically correct, more like the Charlotte 49ers playing Davidson. But still.

Twice yesterday (once at the Dems' SEC meeting) someone cautioned that no Charlotte mayor has won a statewide race. A couple of flaws in that syllogism.

A Charlotte mayor cannot win.
Pat McCrory is a Charlotte mayor.
Pat McCrory cannot win.

So why did Perdue drop out? Democrats could beat him with a dog catcher as long as he/she wasn't a Charlotte mayor. Also,

A Charlotte mayor cannot win.
Both Pat McCrory and Anthony Foxx are Charlotte mayors.
In a McCrory vs. Foxx contest, neither Pat McCrory nor Anthony Foxx can win.

Neat trick in a race between two Charlotte mayors.

I posted this musing on such a race on the Progress NC poll:

Anthony Foxx seems like he might be best positioned to take on McCrory. He runs the biggest city in the state. He will be able to raise a ton of money in the biggest city in the state (like McCrory). He will get reams of national press as Charlotte’s hosting the Democratic National Convention. He is personable, a proven executive and would be a symbol when Obama’s people will be pulling out the stops to keep North Carolina blue. Plus, he'll be able to weaken McCrory's where he's strongest, in the state's largest block of votes in Charlotte/Mecklenburg. Who among the others can match that? And on short notice?

Two Charlotte mayors. Head to head. Two clear cut and radically opposed visions of where we want to take our state.

Face it, if we lose the governor’s mansion, anyway we lose — by a hundred votes or a hundred thousand — Democrats lose big in 2012. It's Welcome to Wisconsin. The point spread won’t make any difference. The Republicans are playing for all the marbles. There’s no safety in playing it safe.

Faison's official announcement

Found at Exile on Jones Street

The future of our children and our State depends on a healthy economy, quality education for everyone and good jobs. For the past five months, I have traveled our State talking to folks about the issues that matter. I have debated Pat McCrory and the Republicans about jobs and education, and pressed the GOP Leadership for positive legislative action.

Since September, I have promoted a JOBS Plan supported by 70 percent of the NC House Democrats. This common sense solution will immediately put over 36,000 people back to work, including teachers, teachers’ aides, and employees essential to services we rely on in both the public and private sectors. Moreover, our plan focuses on a smart tax policy that encourages the 155,000 small businesses in our State to hire and promotes entrepreneurial job creation.

Hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians have been out of work since last summer. We are in an economic crisis. Working together, using good common sense and practical solutions, WE CAN FIX THIS.

I am the only elected official who has been actively out and about the State focusing on the issues that matter to everyone; jobs, education, the economy and energy. I have exposed the GOP Leadership in the General Assembly for wasting our tax dollars on the divisive social issues of a few in their party, rather than dealing with the economic issues affecting all of us.

Today, my kids and I announce that I am a candidate for Governor of our great State. I am here to provide the leadership you need to put our economy back on track, put folks back to work, and secure our kids education and future. We are excited to continue talking with folks all across our State about both the problems we face, and the best solutions that do the most good for the most folks. And when the talking is done, I want to get busy solving the problems. WE CAN FIX THIS.

Our State and our people need leadership. We need solutions that are practical and make good common sense, and then we need action to solve the problems that affect all of us. For months folks have been asking me to run for Governor. I have weighed and considered the needs of people across our State, the needs of my kids, the needs of your kids, the need for jobs, and the future of education in our State. Today I am answering the call to run for Governor with a resounding “YES”. I am in the race to win the Governor’s office for the people of our State. I am looking forward to working with you to achieve the best results that secures your economic future and that of your kids.

Representative Faison was first elected to the Legislature in 2005. Bill is a staunch supporter and advocate for jobs, education and health care. As a Single Dad, Bill knows how important it is to make good decisions now for results in the future. With three children in college and one in high school, Bill is focused on acting now to secure the future for all of our children. As a legislator, he has championed rural high-speed internet access and in his role as Chairman of the House Democrats’ Business Caucus, he has taken on the issue of rising unemployment in NC and is calling for a JOBS plan for the State, with a challenge to the GOP Leadership.

For information on the JOBS plan, supported by 35 of his colleagues in the NC House, and a policy agenda for education and energy, go to www.BillFaison.com


It sort of reminds me of the first time I talked with Larry Kissell, who was using a photo of himself in an orange t-shirt on his website. Fixing that was Job 1 ... just as getting a decent website up should be at the top of Faison's list of things to do.

I wasn't aware that there had been any debates in the

governor's race as yet.

I have debated Pat McCrory ...

Did I miss something or is Faison using "debate" a little loosely?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?