Who's prepared?

Below is an email from a friend who is currently living out west. Think of it as a road map for how to survive, if and when the shit hits the fan. In my opinion, the odds are high that our government will fall into fascism, both at the national level and here in North Carolina. It could get ugly.

With that preamble, here's what one person is doing to prepare for the worst. I'm on a slightly different track, but many of the actions he's taking are on my to-do list.



You know I share your dismay about what's happening around us, but I'm not sitting back on my heels. I thought you'd be interested in an update on my activities:

Today we ordered a year supply of expensive-but-life-enabling drugs needed by my partner. Partly it's for the tax write-off we won’t have next year under the shit-eating GOP tax plan. And partly its because our fucked-up, war-mongering inept, corrupt president may just screw us up so badly that everything goes to hell and we won’t be able to get the needed drugs.

Recently, I bought an AR-15 and a good medium priced electronic sight. I suggest the American Mfg AM-15 for less than $600, and have it bore-sighted/zeroed at 25 yards with your sight/scope. Look it up on the internet to understand why.

We have enough food to last 60 to 90 and a good high-capacity water purifier, as well as a small one. Good first aid supplies, pet food, and meds. Lots of charcoal and full propane tanks.

We have quite a bit of cash on hand in the ATM machines go down. Plus extra salt and sugar, something to barter with. Plus lots of extras: extra ammunition, extra antibiotics, extra aspirin.

I realize some of these things are relevant only for the end of the world as we know it, but there are plenty on the right who are worried about just that. More of us on the left should to be thinking like they are or we will get our asses kicked when push comes to shove.

What else? Besides being armed to the teeth, I'm going to get a few bags of quick-lime for waste disposal (bodies or fecal matter). Sewer treatment will be one of the first services to collapse when the shit hits the fan, so to speak..

Other investments we're making have side benefits, in the event of more fires, earthquakes, or (in your area) hurricanes: Solar water heater. Canning equipment and jars. Two inverters and enough gas to keep them going until our freezer/frig is no longer relevant. I'm also studying for my HAM license and plan to buy a handheld transmitter/receiver for emergency use.

We’re carefully watching every developing story and we’ll be among the first at the grocery store to finish out our supplies so we can hunker down and watch the unprepared go under. Remember when Richard Burr told his wife to run to the bank when the financial meltdown was happening? Like that, in spades.

This all sounds and is absolutely bizarre and yet I don’t know what else to do. I know a few of my neighbors are similarly inclined although no one discusses it for obvious reasons. No one wants anyone else to know what they have…or to think they’re crazy. I’m confident many in our neighborhood will pull together if trouble comes.

Feel free to post this, as you seem to often do with emails from friends. Just be sure there's no way anyone can link this back to me. We're doing our best to stay off the radar.



Feels like Y2K

Remember that non-event? This feels like the same drill, but with much higher stakes and much more likelihood of bad stuff actually happening. I don't know of anyone who is really ready for what may come.