Will Caroline Kennedy make a good U.S. Senator?

Caroline Kennedy, who was the daughter of JFK, is seeking to be appointed to the open senate seat that will become available when/if NY Sen. Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Barack Obama's Secretary of State.

With all that was said about Sarah Palin's lack of experience by the democrats when she was selected to run as VP along with McCain, you'd think that leading democrats would come out against that selection. I'm hoping good judgement will prevail here rather than "good politics".

Here's what one Obama supporter said on the subject of Ms. Kennedy's qualifications:

“My knowledge of her in the area of education and on behalf of children generally, the fact that she has written several books, and her other civic involvement more than qualifies her to be senator,” Al Sharpton said in an e-mail.

Now, perhaps there are things I don't know about Ms. Kennedy. Betsy Muse has me working "Google" now but for the life of me, I can't imagine that there wouldn't be just a NUMBER of other far more qualified and deserving democratic candidates.


She'd probably be okay

but I'd rather see someone else. The whole family dynasty thing is problematic for me, no matter whether it's Bushs, Clintons or whatever.

For what it's worth, I don't think any political insiders consider "deserving" to be a criterion for this kind of patronage.

Glad you agree

Yeah...that "deserving" was probably a poor choice of words. I'm glad to see someone on the left side of the fence agreeing with me. Hopefully that sentiment prevails within the selection process. We've seen just far too many instances on both sides where selections like this go to what's best politically rather than just what's best.

I'd just like to have someone tell me WHY she should be a U.S. Senator.

The best thinking is independent thinking.


Seriously, exactly what you aid.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

At least

She's at least as qualified as Obama is to be President.


Seriously that is a stupid comment. What a bunch of freaks.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

As always, name calling is all you have

Seriously, that is a stupid reply. If Palin's qualifications are fair game then so are Obama's.

If you really wanted to discuss qualifications you would

have posted a much more thoughtful comment. All you did was take a passive/aggressive swipe at Obama. Hence Robert's comment.

If you really want to make your case then enumerate their qualifications and do a true comparison.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

I was responding

I was responding to the passive aggressive swipe at Palin in the original post which troubled you not one bit.

The OP was not taking a swipe at Palin.

FYI - The original poster is using the fact that Palin's qualifications were questioned (by many dems & reps) to suggest that those same people ( here dems ) should be questioning Kennedy's qualifications. Note that the OP is not about Palin; it's about Kennedy. The only suggestion of criticism in this post is directed at the democratic decision makers and the msm.

You either didn't pay attention to what you supposedly read or were just looking for an excuse to knock Obama.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Fire! Fire! Your Church Pants are on Fire Sara Palin?

She's at least as qualified as Obama is to be President.* Chattanoga Choo Choo retarded neo-con republican

Governer Sara Palin is about qualified as the Local Fire Chief who lost directions to her Church last Saturday night.

Now don't go having a heart attack, but I'd have to give this

diary a thumbs up. Especially this line from a follow on comment ...

"I'd just like to have someone tell me WHY she should be a U.S. Senator."

She may have relevant experience and qualifications. If so, I'd like to hear about it.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Charge up the defib paddles !

HAHAHAHA...yeah, I don't usually get a lot of agreement on my side of the points here. I'm hoping that more than "just us bloggers" feel that there should be some element of qualifications considered in the process of appointing Hillary's replacement in the Senate.....as in the Guv of NY and his selection committee.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I've gotta agree with the rest of you.

I want to learn about her qualifications before I say yes or no. I don't like the idea that she is being considered just because she's a Kennedy, or because she assisted Barack Obama in his election campaign.

She may be perfectly qualified, and she certainly wouldn't lack for advisors! I just wonder if there aren't more experienced public servants in New York.

That said, I'm more concerned about shaking Richard Burr out of his seat than I am about who replaces Clinton in NY.

Interesting Diary on Kos about Caroline


I mean, what is so friggin' special or meritorious about having spent one's career in elective office? That Caroline Kennedy could have had almost any political job for the asking in recent decades but chose other paths instead makes her, in my view, more qualified, not less. I'm just not impressed with most folks that have dedicated their lives to seeking public office, and have seen that process corrode at their principles and instincts too much to think that all politicians, when they move on, must be replaced from some kind of farm team of lower level elected officials.


Like I said, I'm sure she'd do a great job. I just don't like the family dynasty thing.

Thanks for that

I checked out that KOS article on Caroline Kennedy and gotta say it was interesting. I liked the part about "Caroline already got a pony"...hahaha.

Like I said at the beginning of this thread, I really don't know that much about Caroline, nor, it seems, do many people. I learned from the KOS article that she is a lawyer.

Seems, though, that there is quite a bit of division on her with regard to the senate seat within the liberal/progressive arena.

For me, it would seem that if the democrats want to present a face of "change", they're gonna eventually have to get away from "politics as usual" and regardless of how well Carolina might do as a U.S. Senator, perhaps taking us away from the Kennedy/Clinton/Bush dynasties would be a good idea.

On the other hand, through more Googling and so forth, I think if she is appointed, we could probably do worse.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Why? Because she can raise the money

Whoever is appointed to the NY seat will have to run in 2010 to complete the term and in 2012 for a full 6 year term.

Not many folks have the capacity to raise the money it would take to run in the NY media market two times back-to-back, but she does.

This is why her name's even being bandied about.


Any one of us on this forum...

would be well qualified for the US Senate. This is not a big 'administration' job like a governor. So, a big name or celebrity status goes a long way towards winning what is a real popularity contest. Any of us who spends any time watching the senate in action quickly realizes that bullshitters and crooks do really well in the US Senate. They have arcane rules which allows all kinds of secretive, and sleazy maneuvers which will quickly snow any investigators of political actions. I mean just look at our "to-be replaced" Dole, who still did fairly well at the vote count, despite doing nothing for her adoprted state, NC, or even visiting much. So, qualifications hardly mean anything for that job.

Perhaps...but perhaps not

Politics at the national level is all about garnering support from the most influential. Let's be honest here. Teddy Kennedy and the Kennedy name is about as influential as it comes with regard to liberal/democratic politics. Hey, Teddy came out in support of Obama. After that, and after his brain surgery, he became a "media hero" with a legacy that has been portrayed as so positive even the Pope would be jealous...just kidding y'all. But, you get the point.

Caroline has an "in" with regard to this appointment. If Obama chooses someone else, he may very well look like he's scourning the Kennedy family. That wouldn't be a good thing for him...knowing how much he needs the support of the "elders" in his party that are in office in D.C.

This is gonna get interesting. I truly believe Caroline will be selected...but, then, I could be wrong. I believe that for the sake of the country, there just HAS to be someone with more qualifications and with more than just a family history to go on. Yeah, yeah...I've read all the "qualifications" she supposedly has from all those that want to be on her side and want to kiss the Kennedy's ass...but, truthfully, let's be honest......there just HAS to be a choice out there in the democratic party that would actually have some real qualifications.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I'm also a little tired of the "family legacy" stuff,

but it appears that there are two legacy children in NY that have risen to the top of the public approval polls for the Clinton seat: Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo.

Now, people have been bashing Caroline because she has yet to run for public office, but at least she hasn't pulled this stunt:


"On the eve of the state convention, he withdrew from its consideration when he concluded that he had little chance of its support as opposed to the favored party candidate, H. Carl McCall, the-then State Comptroller.[3] Later, in September 2002, on the all-but-certain defeat that loomed in the state primary, again at the hands of McCall, Cuomo withdrew from the race, but his name remained on the ballot, as it did in the general election, as the Liberal party candidate. In the primary, the withdrawn candidate only received 14% of the vote. And then in the general election, he received about 16,000 votes, out of 2.2 million cast, handing a costly defeat to the Liberal Party, which thereby lost its automatic spot on the New York ballot. McCall, who ran a poor campaign and failed to resonate with voters, was defeated in a landslide by Governor George Pataki."

Frankly, I would much prefer CK over Mario's little boy. But in the end, it will be up to the Governor first, followed by the people of New York later. Bless 'em.

Yeah, I'm afraid that apple

fell off the tree and then rolled about fifty yards away. ;/

It would be interesting to see Andrew run against Caroline, though, especially considering he was married to one (Kerry) and had three kids with her.

"Those damned Kennedys need to be stopped!"

"Um, Dad. We're Kennedys too."

"Bullshit! You're Cuomos!"

"It doesn't work like that."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"It's a Camelot thing. You wouldn't understand."



That sounds about right.

What is the diffrence between NY

and what IL is doing?

To be honest, the Governor is empowered to make the call in both these states for what ever reason he decides.

The primary reason given for Kennedy is she has name appeal which will help in getting here donations for the race.

The Ill governor is not as sophisticated in his qualifications and that is what got him into trouble.

When the vote is taken away from the people and given to one person this will happen.

When it is all done, The Governor of NY will fill the vacant seat just like the Governor of Il will do the same thing based on their State's constitution. Their rational for picking that person is irrealievent as no one can change the decison. He can pick the seat for any reason to include party affiliation, friendship or who can best defend the seat in the future (why should that be a qualifier in the first place?).

Yes, the Senate can NOT accept the person, but how is that going to look? We disapprove of you because of... what? What transgression will the appointed replacement have that will disqualify him from assuming the seat? You cannot disqualify a guy because of the methodology of the appointment, only on the individual himself. Both those people are going to be accepted.

As far as doing the job.....With the title comes the power. Until they are sworn in, no one knows. They can do no worse or better then what has gone before.