Will Congress take the bait twice? (political cartoon)

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If we examine, and we don't have to do it closely, Bush's unwillingness to listen to his Dad, Congress or the American people, we will still know that Iran is still on his target list.

When the Gulf of Tonkin incident was brought before Congress, it was decried that the North Vietnamese attacked our Navy.

The "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" defined the beginning of large-scale involvement of U.S. armed forces in Vietnam. Historians have shown that the second incident was, at its best interpretation, an overreaction of eager naval forces, or at its worst, a crafted pretext for making overt the American covert involvement in Vietnam.

Are we, as Americans, willing to go to war with Iran for these 15 sailors who "may or may not" have been in Iranian waters? And yes, I am sure they are getting the Abu Ghraib treatment and we really have no business even bitching about that anymore, since our atrocities rolled back the Geneva Conventions. And Americans have already suffered more than 15 casualties since these sailors were captured.

Also, the Iranians can claim the incursion as a hostile act since Bush called them out as evil and moved an impressive amount of ocean-going tonnage to the Persian Gulf.

But will Congress take the bait? Taking in the fact that this Congress BARELY got their act together for a very weak Iraqi War Supplemental, I have to wonder. If Congress takes a stand against any Iranian incursion, it will be a testament to Pelosi's leadership in the House.


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