Will Dole Follow Burr?

Will the blind follow the blind?

It's amazing after all that has been said and done around the OLF fiasco, that North Carolina is still waiting on Liddy Dole to do her job. The title of this post is the headline in the Wilmington Star editorial this morning.

After almost everybody and his brother said it would be a terrible idea for the Navy to build a practice landing field near a wild bird refuge, U.S. Sen. Richard Burr followed their lead - and firmly, it must be said. In a letter to the secretary of the Navy, Burr cited the threat to birds and pilots, as well as the noise and the loss of farmlands in Washington and Beaufort counties.

Noting the "insurmountable and growing opposition," he called the Navy's plans "untenable."

Sen. Elizabeth Dole remains "deeply concerned." But not opposed.

It took Burr two years and some major contortions to find the backbone to represent the people of North Carolina. After his ludicrous declaration that he doesn't think "it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something," he miraculously flip-flops and does the right thing.

Meanwhile, Liddy's apparently waiting to be the last one to come around. I expect she'll use the Charlotte public hearing as a ploy to say she's finally gotten enough information to make a decision. But the truth is, there won't be any new information coming out at that public hearing. There will just be a lot of pissed-off citizens wondering aloud how the hell this travesty got started in the first place.

the question Senator Dole should really be asked to answer.


I'll Bet She's Concerned

and that's why:

There will just be a lot of pissed-off citizens wondering aloud how the hell this travesty got started in the first place.

It takes the average kid...

approximately twelve months to walk. After five years for Dole and two for Burr, our senators are still taking baby steps. At least at this point they are standing somewhat vertical.
Their new mantra should be: Pull funding, pull funding, pull...give the state of North Carolina the leverage it deserves. Only then will we see true leadership.

I think exactly that..............

Mizz Dole's light bulb coming on moment will be after the Charlotte hearing. Although it has been reported that she has sent a representative from her office to each hearing.....
Of which I hope s/he reported back that some of our signs went from "NO OLF" to "NO DOLE".

Action not just words

Message to Dole and Burr - True Leadership Requires ACTION


Question Senator Dole should really be asked to answer -
"how the hell this travesty got started in the first place," what deals have you made for your own gain and for the detriment of northeastern North Carolina? What is your payoff?


The first payoff was the two squadrons going to Cherry Point.
The second is making Johnny Wormer and his constituents happy in Virginia. You know, for old times sake.


about 1300 I think.

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