Wilmington Star-News interview with Representative Mike McIntyre

In a telephone interview yesterday McIntyre answered questions about his victory over Ilario Pantano and his plans for the remainder of the year in Washington and his political aspirations.

When asked about supporting Nancy Pelosi he said:

It's time to turn the page and go into a different direction with fresh ideas, new leadership and one who unites. We need a leader who is a uniter. Clearly, Ms. Pelosi is not that person.

I wonder if he thinks Heath Shuler is that person? More below the fold....

McIntyre further stated he would vote to repeal the recently enacted health care legislation. He supports and is actively pushing for a $250 payment to Social Security recipients to "fill the gap" created by no cost of living adjustment. ($12 Billion cost) He did suggest the CPI for seniors needs to be computed differently than for others...which seems worth looking into.

You can read the interview HERE

I find myself wondering whether a vote for the devil we know is truly better than a vote for the devil we don't know.


He's a bonehead

I'm still glad he beat Pantano. But it's kind of like pulling for Godzilla over Mothra or Rodan: Tokyo survives, just barely.