We had a big scare over the last three weeks. Our website went down and all of our data seemed to be lost. Over the last couple of days we were saved by Betsy, who came to the rescue and got us back up and running. Our biggest fear was that we may have lost 16 years of data. But that didn’t happen.

Now we’re in the spot where we have to decide what to do with ourselves. I know Steve probably has felt quite a bit of relief from not having to do daily updates and posts. And me? I’ve been missing in action for quite a while already.

I can’t say with certainty what’s going to happen, other than to express relief that all is not lost.

On the bigger issue, the political environment here in North Carolina, things are not looking so good. Our state has been taken over by authoritarian zealots and libertarian extremists. They're all about freedom. Except for freedom for women. Except for freedom for anyone who's different. It’s sickening.



Glad we're fixed

I was really worried about losing all those posts. Not so much mine, which recently have been pretty thin on content. But we've got thousands of members who have written thousands of posts over the years, and not being able to access something when it crosses your mind is frustrating as hell.


Good to see you back. I was afraid it was going to be another Think Progress ending. Thanks for being here.