You know what we really need? To levy fees on Extreme Couponers...

After reading James' post yesterday about the proposed fees for hybrid and electric car owners I couldn't contain myself. The absurdity of such a levy sent me straight to twitter and into a tailspin.

@wjtibby2 responded:

I hate to agree with republicans @thefriendraiser @tootswee but how to pay for roads fairly is a problem to be solved. How would you do it?

My answer: levy a fee on extreme couponers! Come's the same logic. Extreme couponers are taking advantage of all of us shoppers with their double and triple coupon stacking. Their discounts lower the amount of sale tax they pay. They pay less in sales tax but are reaping all of the benefits the state budget has to offer. They must pay.

I don't know about you, but this could totally work.

(Please note: the aforementioned post is nothing but snark.)


Extreme couponers

are the scourge of capitalism! Also, people who use loyalty cards at gas stations are part of the problem. All those discounts they get on gas means they're definitely not paying their fair share in highway upkeep.

And don't forget people in electric wheel chairs who use public sidewalks. Electric? What's up with that? Freeloaders.


What about bikes?

They ride on the roads and take up space paid for by us car dwellers. And don't even start about all the people walking on the sidewalks. YOUR tax dollars built those. They shouldn't get a free ride. errr...walk...

what about non-smokers and drinkers?

The state is losing a lot of taxes on me, as I don't drink or smoke. I am also pretty sure I am not kicking in my quota on lottery tickets either. Really, if they are going after Tesla why not go after

First, I want the reps. to take a cursive writing test, though.



Well power companies go through a lot of trouble to

filter and clean the air they release into the atmosphere and then some ungrateful people have the nerve not to breathe some of it!! The poor power companies must be compensated for cleaning that percentage of the air unnecessarily.

Snark off.

Such sdrawkcab ssa thinking.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Just wait until roads become Libertarian owned.

You will have to go though a checkpoint everyday to go to the store and pay to leave your property. People will starve in their homes.