Ze Frank spotlights NC’s Republican "pitbull"

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Ze Frank points out North Carolinian and Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry's behavior while debating the House rules.

Says Ze:

Pelosi started Congress off with a bang officially announcing the beginning of ‘act like children’ week.

Republican representative Patrick McHenry jumped right in, introducing a bill designed to protect republican lawmakers now that they’re in the minority.

McHenry pointed out that the so-called ‘minority right bills’ was based on the exact text of the bill Pelosi presented to the House in 2004 when the Democrats were in the minority.

What McHenry didn’t point out was that the republicans refused to pass that bill. The introduction of the current bill was stalled for over two and a half hours when McHenry who mainly represents ‘rich, white fellas’ couldn’t stop giggling every time he said ‘minority rights’.

The democrats who pledged to work with republicans in bi-partisan spirit were not to be outdone in ‘act like children’ week. Democrats now say that they will prevent republicans from offering alternatives to a number of high-profiles bills that are expected to pass in the first few months of Congress.

If you've never seen Ze's The Show, you should. As wacky as it is, he really does give an interesting perspective on the world.

And hey, who doesn't like duckies?

Who likes the little little duckies in the pond? I do, I do, I do, k-chicka quack quack.


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Thomas, I think you've gone off your rocker. Duckies, indeed. :)

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