Is there a culture of racism at Duke University?


Welcome back to the 1950's:

During his first meeting with his supervisor, Freetage says he was asked “whether he had a problem supervising ‘blacks’”and added that he needed to “start writing up ‘those people’ in order to ‘keep them in line.’” That same month, Freetage said he “overheard a conversation regarding management’s instructions to ‘clean house’ in his department, specifically discussing their intent to fire ‘colored’ workers who they said were ‘lazy,’” the lawsuit states.

When Freetage asked whether their diversity training could be applicable in this situation, the lawsuit states an administrative assistant laughed at his question and responded “Yeah that’s all bull****. We don’t actually do that around here. It’s all for show.”

The house needs to be cleaned, alright. Starting with this particular manager. For you Duke fans and alum who may be tempted to write this off as "exaggeration" or possibly "missing context," just don't. I encountered an almost identical set of behaviors when I was a manager, and had to serve as a buffer to protect African-American employees on countless occasions. And I can also tell you this, with all confidence: racial discrimination of this intensity can only survive if multiple "tiers" of management are of a like mind. Not saying it goes all the way to the top, but it's not just this one man. Which leads me to a discussion on institutional racism:

Chief Justice Roberts is angry...about the leak


When he should be angry about the assault on reproductive freedom:

In a press release, the court stressed that the draft opinion, in which a majority of the court appears poised to overrule the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, is not a final decision by the court. And Chief Justice John Roberts indicated that he has directed the court’s marshal to launch an investigation into the source of the leak.

In a brief – but itself highly unusual – statement issued in response to the leak of the draft opinion, Roberts vowed that the leak would not “undermine the integrity” of the court’s operations. Roberts emphasized that the people who work at the court “have an exemplary and important tradition of respecting the confidentiality of the judicial process and upholding the trust of the Court.” The leak, Roberts concluded, was a “singular and egregious breach of that trust.”

The opinion was written 2 1/2 months ago, I'm surprised it took this long for the jackboot to drop. But if you want to talk about trust, ask Susan Collins:

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


WHERE DO YOU STAND? GET CANDIDATES ON THE RECORD ON SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Every legislative candidate must be on the record as to whether they will support and will work for full implementation of the Comprehensive Remedial Plan – a multi-year program worked out and agreed to by the plaintiffs and defendants in the landmark Leandro case. This plan – that a judge has ordered implemented – will provide a solid foundation to make sure the state does what it promises. The non-partisan Public School Forum of North Carolina is working to help voters and candidates know where those seeking office stand on the most crucial public education issues. Every legislative candidate has been offered the opportunity to respond – and every one should. Regardless of the answers, it will be a crucial resource to help voters – and candidates. Voters will be more fully informed when they vote and candidates will clearly let voters know where they stand. The Forum expects to start posting answers to its six key education questions later this week with early in-person voting starting Thursday, April 28 and concluding on Tuesday, May 17 – primary election day.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


HAVE OUTSIDE FORCES TAKEN OVER NORTH CAROLINA'S GOP?: Is North Carolina’s Republican Party vanishing? Has it been bought out and swallowed up by former President Donald Trump and organizations backing his endorsed candidates? These are groups such as the “Conservative Outsider PAC” which shares many of the same donors as the Club for Growth that, with Trump, seems to be dominating this state’s GOP primary season. What have these groups been able to buy – in return for the more than $10 million that’s already been pumped into the state to promote their hand-picked candidates -- from the North Carolina GOP establishment? Pretty much anything and everything. What do those state GOP leaders get in return? What has been promised and to whom? What’s expected? Who’s in control? These are crucial questions – not just for the state’s Republicans, but for all North Carolina voters. Is political control being co-opted by big-dollar donors with no stake the state's welfare? BergerMoore have never been concerned about the state's welfare, and they've sold us out for over a decade. Whether it's Art Pope pulling the strings or Club For Growth, it almost doesn't matter. It's not the people, never has been.


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