Alamance battleground: Protesters sit-in at Council member's soda shop

The cost of doing business in an unjust environment:

On Wednesday evening, about 60 people gathered in the Alamance County town’s Court Square to call for justice in the name of Andrew Brown, the Black man recently shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies in Elizabeth City.

A few minutes before 7 p.m., about a dozen protesters marched from the park in Court Square to Graham Soda Shop and Grill, a restaurant across from the courthouse owned by Jennifer Talley, a member of the city council. Inside, they sat and sang “Amazing Grace” to protest her support of the anti-protest ordinance.

An ordinance that makes it illegal to gather more than 10 people for a protest without obtaining a permit from notorious Sheriff Terry Johnson. Once the 11th person walks up, arrests can immediately follow. Of course the first protesters to be ejected from her restaurant were African-American:

Friday News: Saying the quiet part outloud


WOODHOUSE CITES "WATER COOLER TALK" FOR HIS GERRYMANDERING PREDICTION: “Carolina Journal has learned that GOP redistricting leaders will consider approving a new map designed to elect a 10 Republicans and four Democrats beginning in 2022,” an early version of the article said. The article was later edited, softening Woodhouse’s prediction of a 10-4 split. But the report spread quickly among North Carolina politicos, sparking early debate over how lawmakers will redraw the districts. Woodhouse’s article also suggested the new district could be drawn specifically for House Speaker Tim Moore — a Republican from Cleveland County, west of Charlotte, who will have personal influence over the map-making process. Moore also said he is not planning to run for Congress, but plans to run for state House again.

Drop in vaccinations has GOP stink all over it

All our progress could be at risk:

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy doesn’t line up with the H1N1 polling, nor with standard patterns of hesitancy—for example, crunchy left-wing opposition to childhood vaccinations. But the patterns do line up with resistance to mask wearing and stay-at-home orders.

In other words, the pattern of resistance to the coronavirus vaccines looks less like COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and more like COVID-19 denialism. While a significant chunk of Americans profess to be uneasy about getting shots to prevent COVID-19, most come from the swath of the population that has tended to downplay the disease’s severity and to resist other measures to fight it, rather than the swaths that have resisted vaccines for other diseases.

Bolding mine, because these people have literally painted themselves into a corner. They fought against masks, they fought against quarantine, they fought against closing businesses and schools, and now that a vaccine is available to them, their stubbornness is keeping them from getting it. They've been downplaying this thing so long, getting a shot would feel like admitting they've been a idiot all along. I got my second shot Tuesday (That's me in the pic above), and the place was desolate compared to a few weeks ago. Could just be a coincidence, but I don't think so. More from the idiocracy:

Thursday News: Inexcusable


DANNY BRITT AMENDS BILL TO CONTINUE ALLOWING 14 YEAR-OLD GIRLS TO BE MARRIED: The bill would also allow children over 14 who become pregnant or have a child to marry the father. A judge must rule, however, that the marriage is in the best interest of the children. “The amendment lines up with what our current statutory rape laws are,” Britt said. “So essentially, what we were allowing as a state was the offense of statutory rape to occur so long as you were married.” Britt said another concern he had was that teens would abort their children instead of having a baby out of wedlock. North Carolina is one of two states, Alaska being the other, that allows children as young as 14 to marry. Swegman said the amended bill “maintains the most concerning aspects of North Carolina’s current law while simply tinkering around the edges in an attempt to appear meaningful.”

Gun dealer Ted Budd declares Senate run


My Trump is bigger than your Trump:

Budd announced his candidacy Wednesday morning with the launch of a website. Budd touts himself as a family man, small businessman and “liberal agenda crusher.” Budd, from Davie County, is in his third term in the U.S. House.

Earlier this month, Budd’s campaign consultant said Budd was talking with Lara Trump about their potential runs. Budd met with Donald Trump over the weekend in Florida, Politico reported.

Here's a clue, Teddy: If you find yourself traveling to Florida to decide if you should run in a North Carolina election, that cereal box compass is definitely on the fritz. To say Budd has a long way to go is a gross understatement. He hasn't reached double-digits in any polls, and trails pretty much everybody, including Mark Walker.

Wednesday News: Release the Tape


PROTESTERS ARRESTED IN ELIZABETH CITY, FBI BEGINS CIVIL RIGHTS PROBE: Four people, including the Rev. Curtis Gatewood, lay in Elizabeth Street, waiting for arrest as they sang “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around.” All four were arrested, along with at least two others. Protesters have peacefully protested in Elizabeth City each night since last week. Tuesday was the first night Elizabeth City had an 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in place. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called Tuesday for a special prosecutor to investigate Brown’s death. And the FBI has launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting. By 11 p.m. Tuesday, arrests had been made and police were leaving to shouts of “Shame on you!” A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Pasquotank County Courthouse regarding a petition for the release of the body-cam footage.


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