I wonder what Charles Taylor's reply would be!

This is from House Veterans Affairs Ranking Member Lane Evans-D.

VA Data Show Twice as Many Veterans Waiting for Health Care Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) data show that the number of new veterans enrolled in the department’s health care system and waiting for their first clinic appointment to be scheduled has doubled in the year. As of April 2005, 15,211 veterans were waiting. This month, the number has ballooned to 30,475. Over the course of two years, the number of new enrollees waiting has increased by over 400 percent. “These numbers are simply unacceptable,” stated Representative Mike Michaud (D-ME), the Ranking Member of the Health Subcommittee of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Excuse me Mr. Chernoff, But I thought we had something called Homeland Security!

I mean ,after all, we have been told they have Back up system after back up system, security cameras and more federial police!

Story here... http://www.boston.com/business/globe/articles/2006/04/28/data_storage_firm_apologizes_for_loss_of_ra... Story below: --------------- Data storage firm apologizes for loss of railroad data tapes Information on as many as 17,000 workers at risk By Chris Reidy, Globe Staff | April 28, 2006 Iron Mountain Inc., a Boston data-storage firm, apologized yesterday for losing personal data, including Social Security numbers, for thousands of Long Island Rail Road employees.

This was e-mailed to me.I only post it as general info.

By Charlie Daniels wwwcharliedaniels.com Mexican Standoff I don't know how everybody else feels about it, but to me I think Hispanic people in this country, legally or illegally, made a huge public relations mistake with their recent demonstrations. I don't blame anybody in the world for wanting to come to the United States of America, as it is a truly wonderful place. But when the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil illegally...that is flat out wrong and I don't care how many lala land left heads come out of the woodwork and start trying to give me sensitivity lessons.

Veterans & Others! I want you to remember this on Tuesday!

Most of you know I don’t much believe in the protest movement, especially while you have Troops in the field. But, There is one protest I am very active in. The one that involves how the Great Republican establishment and Department of Veteran Affairs have treated the best America had to offer. I am writing this because I want YOU, my fellow voters, mad and angry when you go to the polls on Tuesday. I want this burned into your mind, And I want you to let others know about it! This is my friend JR’s Story. It is a true story, a factual story which I asked permission to write although I am withholding by request my friends name.

Useless little piggies

I couldn't figure out how to add all this in a comment, so I apologize for having to make this another post. This is in response to Screwy's question about Chuck Taylor's effectiveness in earmarking House appropriations funds.

If you start diving into the House appropriations committee earmark miasma, it's going to make you sick and disgusted. Truly. And you're also going to find that the @$$holes cover their tracks prettty darn well. Though I haven't found a good central database of all earmarks by Congressman, I did find one site that looks promising. It shows that in 2004, North Carolina ranked DEAD LAST among all states in earmarked appropriations. In 2005, NC had moved up to 47th.

I personally think the whole earmark business sucks and that our so-called conservative House members are hypocrites of the highest order for slopping at the public trough and then trying to brag about it. That said, for anyone to claim Chuckie Taylor is especially effective at anything besides embarrassing North Carolina seems to be little more than wishful thinking. It looks like our entire Congressional delegation pretty much sucks at bringing home the bacon.

Take a look at the attachment for a first hand look at the trough.

Screwy Hoolie Asks For Your Help


I read this article in the Asheville paper yesterday, "Taylor controversial but effective in U.S. House", which I though could have as easily been titled, "Taylor unethical and convincing people he's effective in U.S. House."

There a meme out there that Taylor has been extraordinary in bringing pork barrel projects into the district. But it's my sense that, in comparison to other House members on the Appropriations Committee, he actually brings home very little money. I've been reading about new university construction in Florida. Now that's some serious money. I've read about factory construction in other states. Big money. The only big ticket item Taylor's going to secure is the hugely unpopular North Shore Road or Road to Nowhere.

With all OUR Money the VA Used to put in a New system! This is pure Republican Crap!

Under the current Republican led administration the VA over the past 2 years upgraded their system. Hired techs and all kind of stuff. Even issued us new ID cards so we dont have to give out our SS# out loud,just swipe & go. Well

Hacker gets personal information from one TRICARE server Friday, April 28, 2006 By Dottie Wikan, WVEC.com Someone hacked into one of TRICARE Management Activity's public servers, the Department of Defense announced Friday. It was discovered during routine monitoring and an investigation determined "that an intrusion had occurred and information was compromised," putting some people at risk for identity theft.

This is hy Democrats have to be elected! This is Republican Crap!

You want to know why the Democrats have to be elected? Try this!

Say No To Tricare Fee Increases Support HR 4949 SAY "NO!" TO TRICARE FEE INCREASES Military retirees under the age of 65 would have their health care premiums dramatically rise if DoD’s fiscal year 2007 budget is enacted. It’s up to us to stop it. Under DoD’s plan: Enlisted retirees with a grade of E-6 and below would see their premiums increase by 41% Senior enlisted retirees would see increases of 106% Officer retiree premiums would increase by 204% Premiums would be automatically adjusted upwards in future years.

Support Democratic Judges on Tuesday

On May 2nd, judges will be on the primary ballot with the top two in each race heading on to the general election. Since this has been an exam week for me, I have not been able to do a thorough analysis on each candidate (and with a final tomorrow at 9AM will not be able to do one now), but luckily the NCDP has put together a list of judicial candidates that have been long time Democrats here. Since judge's party affiliation will not be listed on the ballot and there is only one race that has more than one Democrat and in each the Democrat is the best candidate (in my humble opinion), this is a pretty good shorthand to remember when going to the polls.

North Carolina Supreme Court

Supreme Court Chief Justice (Parker Seat): Chief Justice Sarah Parker


Facing South wonders about the silence of lefty blogs on the planned May 1 immigration rallies.

What's going on? Why is the progressive blogosphere so completely out of touch? Is it because most of them closely identify with partisan politics, and the Democratic Party doesn't have a very clear position on the immigration issue? Is it due to a racial blindspot in the blogosphere, connected to its demographic make-up (and yes, I know Markos at DKos hails from El Salvador; I'm talking about the larger reality)? Do they not understand the historic nature of this movement?

That's a series of good questions, which I'm having a hard time answering on behalf of this website. My off-the-cuff response is that we have tended to focus on inside baseball type politics—who is running where, who has raised what funds, who is doing their job well, who is begging for prison time. But that raises the question of whether we're missing something. (Have I missed posts on this on BlueNC?)


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