The Kanoy Experiment

Kent Kanoy challenged incumbent David Price in what could only be called a protest race and lost by a huge margin. Kanoy essentially admitted in our interview with him that the only issues he had a beef with Price on were involved him not being against the Iraq war enough and not pushing to impeach Bush. So what to make of the fact that Price received over 90% even with having two opponents in this primary.

1) It is a given that incumbents are extremely difficult to beat, especially in a primary.
2) Some people were angry that Kanoy did not take on a broader progressive agenda. This certainly cost the votes of progressives that were not energized on Iraq or impeachment.

I met an Amazing Woman Tonight

I met an amazing woman tonight. She's a retired librarian. She has gray hair, but is so very far from a little old lady. She's traveling and has volunteered for a MoveOn group in Charlotte called The Freedom Group.

She's been busy in her retirement years, but not too busy to stay at a poll ALL DAY from 6:30 to 7:30 to ask voters to cast their vote for her candidate. Luckily, this time, her candidate is Larry Kissell.

She might not seem so amazing to some, but in this day and age when we feel lucky to get 10-15% of our voters to the polls, D.S. (I don't want to use her real name) stayed at a poll for 13 hours. She was the only poll worker there until I stopped by for the final two hours.

There's a little more on the flip side...

Early Results: No Surprises Yet

Update NBC 17 has more recent results.

I should be away studying for my final law school exam, but popped into the Board of Elections results site and wanted to share. So far, no results in local Wake races, but some in the 11th and 8th where front runners are all coasting:


Larry Kissell DEM 1,938
John Autry DEM 531
Tim Dunn DEM 516
Mark F. Ortiz DEM 310

Congressman Charles Taylor and the D.C. Prostitution Scandal

{first posted at Scrutiny Hooligans}

SignOnSanDiego: "Federal prosecutors are reviewing records of two Washington, D.C., hotels where Poway defense contractor Brent Wilkes rented suites as part of their investigation into whether prostitutes were involved as he tried to curry favor with lawmakers and CIA officials."

UNC faculty to Puppetmaster: Keep your damn money

It must be frustrating when you can't even give away $5 million. But that's the showdown that's emerging at UNC Chapel Hill, where faculty members are balking at selling their souls to a new curriculum that might be funded by Art Pope. The shootout will occur on May 10 when the faculty will vote on a resolution that the university stop its pursuit of funding for western civilization courses from the John William Pope Foundation.

According to the Durham Herald

Art Pope, the foundation's leader, said on Wednesday that it is a "double standard" for faculty members to bash the Western studies grant and accept other outside funding. Pope said he will consider the university's proposal for the funding despite faculty opposition and may decide whether to give the money as early as May or June.


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