Fair Wage Campaign

A number of North Carolina groups are starting a fair wage campaign today. Facing South has a post on these events here:

This week, a coalition of groups including ACORN, the NC Justice Center, and Institute for Southern Studies are launching a new coalition: North Carolinians for Fair Wages. The coalition's immediate goal is to pass an 85 cent increase in the state minimum wage in 2006, which has a very good chance of passing.

Among the events:


Wake Forest Leading the Bladder Race!

Wake Forest University is receiving international recognition for its groundbreaking and successful work in building bogus bladders. Right now these are being hogged by people with bladder disease, but we hold out hope that mass production will one day lead to the option of having a spare bladder for long car trips or Peter Jackson films.

Jedi Ginny

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th, said she was surprised by DeLay's decision, but that his donations of $15,000 to her campaigns have not affected how she votes.

"Contributions don't play a role in my decisions on voting either way. You can't let that cloud the way you think," she said.

Yeah, Ginny's record of voting with Tom 96% of

Yea!, Yea!, I know I been AWOL! But I had a good reason!

Yea, I been awol most of the day & night! It is 1:57am here. So what is the worst you can do to me, end me to nam,Nah done tried that! Send me to Iraq? Mabie, Force me to drink a fifth of Johnny Walker Red Label 12 year old scotch all by my self? Very,Very Possible!

Here is the URL- You go check it out, Im gonna go to bed! GOODNIGHT BLUE NC Gang! Wherever you are!

check: http://vetsforheath2006.wordpress.com/

A Shocker To See!

I couldnt beleive me Irish eyes! I click on MSN Hotmail to check the office account and what do I see? A 4x4 pix of Condi Rice with "Condi in 08-Vote Now!'

The Immigration Cool War

The Republicans want a shooting war right now over immigration. That and gay marriage (and/or adoption) are their best chances to mobilize their base in November. Fortunately for us, we don't need to be in a shooting war over immigration, because there are a couple of fundamental principles on which just about everyone can agree. Beyond those principles is a debate that includes so many competing interests and so many difficult choices that it defies description in the kind of polarizing rhetoric that the Republicans seem to want to use.


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