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You have to admire Art 'The Puppetmaster' Pope. He hedges his bets like crazy, always working to spin more plates in his circus just in case his ego starts flailing. One of his recent start-ups is the Civitas Institute, headed by his old buddy Jack Hawke. According to their 2005 filings, Civitas is running on chump change from the Puppetmaster, a mere $308,000 in annual contributions - which accounts for pretty much the entire Civitas operating budget. (See attachment.)

I won't embarrass Mr. Hawke and his Sideshow sidekick, Thomas Stith, by posting the piddling salaries they get for doing the Puppetmaster's dirty work. It's sad, though, to see grown men selling their souls for next to nothing to do nothing worth doing.

From an article on court funding:

Like the man's politics or not, you've got to like the man's style:

Not long before his retirement, state Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake Jr. complained about courts being “nickled and dimed” by legislators and said courts should quit hearing civil cases until prosecutors catch up with criminal cases — or until the General Assembly gives courts the funds to do the job.

Fayetteville Online - Current Article Page

Indy Statewide Judicial Endorsements

With so much emphasis on local and Congressional races, it's easy to lose sight of the critically important judiciary. Many people I know don't really know how to evaluate the candidates, and sometimes make their choices based on the ubiquity of yard signs. Here's a better option: Take the endorsements of the Independent to heart. Being a local boy with a contrarian streak, I don't always agree with the Independent about endorsements, but I think they nail these races. And I hope they don't mind if I post some excerpts.

State Supreme Court: Five candidates are vying for an open seat on the state's highest court, and we support sitting N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Robin Hudson of Raleigh. N.C.


A few weeks ago, you may have come across this snippet in a Kos diary by bajadudes about Chris 'Chameleon' Mintz running for office in Raleigh as a Democrat.

And it's where the term Bunkeycrat comes from. It specifically refers to Bunky Morgan and that whole sad saga. Bunkey a rich Republican carwash owner ran as a Dem for a Chatham County Board of Commissioners seat held by actual Democrat and Commissioners Chair Gary Phillips. Bob Geary from the Independent put it best this way...."Bunkey thus knocked Phillips out of office and paved the way (I think that's the right term) for the developers to take control in Chatham."


CQPolitics.com - NC 8: Dunn’s Drop Out Brightens Prospects for Hayes

But Dunn’s dropout was even better news for Hayes, whose chances for winning a fifth term in the potentially competitive 8th District greatly improved. With Kissell still unproven as a candidate and lacking the publicity draw of Dunn’s service in Iraq, CQPolitics.com has changed its rating on the race to Republican Favored from Leans Republican.

And here we thought Hayes would just roll over and play dead.

Wanna feel good?

Go to this Appalachian State student campaign website Be sure your audio is on.

Forrest Gilliam, from Madison County, is 3rd vice chair of the 11th District.

He was elected with the slogan "Life is like a box of chocolates but with Forrest you know what you're going to get"

Be sure to click on "support" for a cute pic.

I'm feeling mushy today. (Could be all the love in the air over the Shuler fundraising news. If you haven't read the news yet, check these out:

Screwy Hooligan's post

The View From Where I Sit! The Forgotten Warriors.

As Requested by all of you, I have aptly named this series, “The View From Where I Sit. This will be the first installment. As Robert has said, it will be the view of a Democrat, involved in fighting for Veterans rights, helping Veterans & a Veteran my self. I hope all of you will be able to enjoy & gain something from what I write. Anyone that wants to post it elsewhere can especially SD & DQ! Maybe one day I will use it all and write a book. Actually I did intend this to be a Letter to the editor of a Local Paper Dan


 The Forgotten Warriors



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