Charles Taylor's Credibility Crisis

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There was a lot of news and speculation on the Charles Taylor front this weekend. Without getting into an unappetizing debate over the merits of Charles Taylor's front versus Charles Taylor's back, here are the highlights of this weekend's feeding frenzy:

Republican hypocrisy

My mama and daddy were god-fearing Christians and loyal Republicans. They even dragged me along the golden path, arranging for me to get baptized early just in case I got killed being a goofball kid. I was nine at the time of my conversion. Despite their strong Christian beliefs, however, a bright thread of hypocrisy colored their world views. They were racist and homophobic to a fault. And no matter how hard I tried in later years to help them see the light, they believed Republicans walked on water, so to speak.

Monday Action Plans #2 and #3

These are important action plans that have upcoming deadlines.

One deadline could spell the end of hundreds of thousands of acres of our national forests. The other deadline could mean the end of a man's life.

If you haven't taken action on these two items, today is the day to do it! Find out how below the fold

Monday Action Plan #1 Fund IDEA

This week we are going to tackle pushing full funding for the IDEA Act. Robert Peterson wrote this diary last week informing us about IDEA and the fact that the Republican Senate, House and President have been all talk and no action when it comes to funding this program, that is so critical to the education of disabled children.

Find out more on the flip side

Larry Kissell: On the Record

“Mr. Hayes can run from his record, but he can't hide.”

—Larry Kissell, 8th District Congressional Candidate

Larry Kissell was one of a small handfull of Democrats running to get rid of Robin Hayes in the 8th Congressional District. Following last week's withdrawal by Tim Dunn, Larry is now the undisputed frontrunner and is looking beyond the primary to November 7. Aside from the fact that he isn't a professional politician—he's a former textile worker and Social Studies teacher—Larry has several things going his way. It's a "blue moon" off-year election and voters are looking for a change. Not having to worry about the primary, Larry has seven months to take on Robin Hayes. But perhaps the most helpful thing is the record of disappointments Robin Hayes has compiled during his tenure in the 8th.

So much for civility

Last week President Bush asked that we all lower our voices in the immigration debate:

"When we discuss this debate, it must be done in a civil way. It must be done in a way that brings dignity to the process. It must be done in a way that does not pit people against each other."

While that is a great idea, out here in America it's a different story. Just take this radio ad for Vernon Robinson, for instance. Or even this TV spot, as highlighted by Reid Fan, CaptainAhab, and Keith Olbermann.

Fighting School Teachers

What do you do if you're not a Fighting Dem? What do you do if you're just a hard-working public school teacher who's sweating blood to unseat a Republican sleaze bag in a race that Hotline says:

"Without [this seat], it's hard to imagine where (Democrat) pickups 14 and 15, etc., come from."
        House Race Hotline on NC-08, March 2006

Appropriate Activism

For most of us, "judicial activism" only becomes a problem when the a judge is doing something we don't like. I'll admit that I'm a lot less likely to consider the proper role of the courts when I hear about a decision that seems just and right to me. But Judge Manning's "sound basic education" rulings force even the most supportive observer to consider the question of judicial overreaching.

The News-Record has an editorial up today that concludes:

If [Manning is] overstepping his authority, it's because the appropriate officials haven't stepped up. Now they have to, or else defy a judge who's fed up with failing schools. - Greensboro, North Carolina: Opinion - Editorials: The education judge


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