Something to Keep You Warm This Holiday Season

From the TerraBlog:

Sometimes numbers have an elegant way of encoding human behavior. Of course, with each gallon of petroleum causing roughly 20 lbs of global warming-causing CO2 (no matter how new your car is), it's easy to see why we have a global warming problem.

For those of you not familiar with TerraPass, it is a company that sells Carbon Dioxide offsets that, for around $25, ensentially allow you to drive a car for a year without adding any addition CO2 to the atmosphere (since you are paying others not to pollute the amount that your car is emitting).

Black Clinging to Innocence and Power With All His Might

Speaker Jim Black said that he is seeking a fifth term as speaker and is innocent of all charges. In fact he claims there is no investigation. According to the Daily Reflector:

N.C. House Speaker Jim Black on Monday called news reports about a federal investigation involving his office inaccurate and reiterated his intention to remain in his leadership position.

In an interview on the Talk 1070 (WNCT-AM) program "Talk of the Town," Black maintained he is not being investigated and is not guilty of any crime.

We're Going Camping!

For the next few days BlueNC is leaving the comfort and shelter of its front page to venture into BlueNC Backcountry. While the front page is taking a well-deserved rest, you can find everything you need and more using the tracker ( If you're logged in, the tracker will even tell you where the new posts and comments are! (It doesn't warn you about the bears, though; you're on your own there.)

In the meantime, blog and post as usual. Go to the Take Action Page and use the internet to talk some sense into your government. Use the BlueNC Calendar to find out what's going on, or even add your own events. Check out the NC Blog Index, were you can find out about other NC blogs or add your own. Most important of all: keep discovering and sharing a passion for liberal North Carolina politics!


P.S. Just to be extra clear, the site is having some problems, caught in a time warp, so to speak, with old entries showing up on the front page and in the comments sections instead of new entries. It may be a few days until we get it fixed.

Local Shopping for Holiday Gifts

The national scene is still hopping with the illegal spying, transit strike, and other exciting stories. But here in North Carolina it looks like everyone has closed up shop, started the fire, and began sipping on the egg nog. So, I figured that I would join the season. This year I managed to do all of my shopping at local stores, except for one book I picked up at BJ's, but the gift from BJ's was a cook book by Mama Dip in Chapel Hill so it should count as well. I figured I would share my best local spots for finding gifts in Raleigh and ask for help for next year. But first the political commentary: Why is it that progressives, who hate their country, the ones willing to spend more to shop local and keep jobs in the U.S.?

Nuclear Worries in Wake County

A few days ago the N.C. Waste Awareness and Reduction Network ("NC Warn") and the Union of Concerned Scientists told Washington that whistleblowers at Wake County's Shearon Harris nuclear power plant had come to them with security concerns. The charges sound pretty serious:

According to N.C. WARN, the guard or guards say that Progress executives ordered them in some cases not to search vehicles and equipment entering the plant's protected area, where the most sensitive operations take place and the most dangerous materials are stored. They also are said to claim instances when intruder detection equipment was flawed or missing, when alarms were ignored, and when improper weapons discharges were covered up. Securitas is said to have ordered some guards to cheat on security exams. | Editorials


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