Investigate Charles Taylor

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Request to Investigate Ethics & Business Dealings of Congressman Charles H. Taylor
Dear Sir,
As the hardworking people of the 11th Congressional District to demand accountability of Congressman Charles Taylor!
"Whereas, N.C. 11th Dist. Congressman Charles Taylor was first elected in 1990. Ever since, his lack of integrity has landed him in one scandal after another. That Charles Taylor’s business dealings make Tom DeLay’s look ethical by comparison. Whereas Tom DeLay got some free trips and didn’t file proper paperwork, Charles Taylor has personally profited for years from illegal and questionable business practices. If he ever had any, he left his mountain values at the door. Charles Taylor owns a bank—the Blue Ridge Savings Bank—in which the top official, bank president Hayes Martin, who was also Taylor’s campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering for making illegal loans. The beneficiary of the illegal $1.3 million loan was Charles Cagle, 11th District Republican Chair and a Taylor friend and campaign contributor. Cagle also pleaded guilty. Their sworn court testimony showed that Taylor micromanages all operations at the bank and was in full knowledge of the illegal loans. Yet Taylor successfully thwarted any investigation of himself. Jackson County was even forced to garnish Taylor’s congressional wages in order to collect back taxes. And this was for one of the wealthiest Members of Congress! Taylor’s shady banking practices aren’t restricted to the United States. Taylor owns a bank in Russia where his business partner is a former KGB General. Russian newspapers report that Taylor may be fleecing the Russians as well, with interest rates as high as 60%! Congressman Taylor’s financial disclosure forms appear to lack complete and detailed information on his Russian banking interests including the Columbus Investment Company, of which the KGB general is also a partner. "Whereas, Taylor has, to date, refused to give back or donate the $2,250 he received from Republican super-lobbyist and admitted felon, Jack Abramoff. If he is not going to give back the tainted cash or donate it to charity. North Carolina lost more than 34,000 jobs due to NAFTA – a trade deal similar to the CAFTA agreement. [H. Res. 3045, Vote #443, 7/28/05] forceing WNC Furniture Plants to now work on reduced schedules as a large ammount of that trade already goes to China. Taylor could put that Abramoff money toward a trip to Russia so that he can continue to oversee the Russian business deals he puts ahead of North Carolina families.

Mr.Taylor,You stuck it to the retirees again & the Vets!!!

Mr. Charles Taylor, Sir, As a veteran and a lifelong Democrat and a PROUD Heath Shuler supporter I must ask you. Sir, DO YOU HAVE NO ETHICS? DO YOU HAVE NO MORALS? I personally dont think so! The Proposed Changes to TRICARE Benefit for veterans & Retirees is part of your doing! I notice you are but one of many Congressmen who do not show any Military credit in your Bio. But You claim to be a Great Veterans Advocate! Sir, I must ask ,Is that the reason a 11th District Veteran Took his Life in the Asheville VA a week or so ago??? Every veteran who ever wore the uniform has the right to VA Health Care yet they get turned away! Sir, In a non -offenseve way, I ask you to bestraight forward with all of the veterans of the 11th District. Sir,It is a Vet thing, If you were in the military then eather produce a DD-214 & DD-215 or shut up about what youve done for veterans! I supposose you do know what those forms are dont you? Well, Im not telling you! Or did you just do as V.P. Cheney did and took a deferment while othr brave Carolina sons died in Vietnam? I just wanted my fellow veterans to see your TRICARE Budget. Oh, What's the worst you ca do to me? Send me to Nam or Iraq? NADA

This is the end result of Charles Taylor & Why We Need Heath Shuler!

Better to Scrap Needless Congressmen & Senator's than to Neglect Promises to Veterans!
By Danny Siler-Post 192
Graham Co. Veterans Advocate
I like to go to the Washington Post & Military .com to read the collum By Joe Gallaway, the reporter of "We were Soldiers Fame". As a Veterans Advocate I assist Veterans in filing for Health Benifits & Compensation. I have been seeing a trend of late when I go to the VA in Asheville. More & more Veterans are being ,what is a VA term, "Farmed Out". This means they are send to private Doctors elsewhere. I also know of veterans ,some local who have had to enter priviate hospitals eaither at their own expense or on Medicare! Things such as these are not the reason the VA System was created, It was created for those who have borne the battle. As Joe Gallaway commented,There are always costs in a war, human costs and hardware costs, and as we draw close to beginning the fourth year of our operations in Iraq it's time to tally those costs one more time. Each time you go back to the VA it seems you always see someone different in a wheelchair or with a missing limb. It is time for our Current Congressmen & Women & Senators and those in the Cabnet level post to get up out of their collective chairs and act! I found a very interesting that veterans of 20-30 years service to their country who were told they did their job well and have TRICARE and some even ofer to allow billing of private insurance are turned away. Each veteran who ever served his/her country should be able to go into a VA Hospital for help and not be told that in retirement they make too much income! I found a Knight-Ridder 2004 VA Database that is basied on the Winston-Salem Claims office. Seem's that when I looked at the other Regions N.C. was about on level with the NATIONAL LEVEL! From that study here is what is found. Each list the NC average and the U.S. Level. Tell your Representives, You are tired of the Neglect of our North Carolina and Nations Veterans. Tell them, "No VA Funding-No Vote"! These numbers speak for them selves.Error rate on benefit rating -NC 13% / US 13% ,Percentage of cases granted-NC 77%/US 80% , Average monthly disability payment-NC $777-US$701 ,Percentage of veterans waiting 1 year or more for a decision-NC16%-US 19%, Veterans Waiting On Appeals-NC 21%-US 19% ,Veterans satisfied with the process-NC 60%-US 59% , Veterans who said claim handled 'fairly'- NC 50%-US 54%, Veterans who appealed decision-NC50%-US 54%, Veterans who appealed decision-NC 19%-US 20% , Veterans who said VA 'not at all helpful'-NC 7%-US 7%. Looking futher into the current situation you will find more supriseing evidence. When you look at it you have to agree that it basically represents the ,"Get them in, Talk to them 10 minnutes,Dope them up really good and Get them out the door ASAP! Please dont misunderstand me, I support and am loyal to my country and the Military! But the current treatment of Veterans is not right as as long as the current administration see's fit to keep us in Iraq & Afganistain the numbers will only go up! And quoteing from a Washington Post comment, As the incomming number go's up the number of current enrollees will be forced out the door. Every Veteran deserves his/her fair share and it is time for the current polititions on Capital Hill to come to their senses on this issues. Asheville VAMC has a new addition. I have personally been told face to face from providers that one F-NP has care of 800 patients while a Physicians Assistant has care of some 500 patients! Is this right ,NO! Doe's the goverment need to fix the system? YES! Here are some other figures that will shock you! Here's a profile of the VA region headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC. Enough is Enough! If we cannot get the system fixed then it is time to elcet leaders who can!Adjustment disorder-NC 671-U.S.18,096 - Bipolar disorder -NC 300 - US8,359 -Dementia associated with brain trauma NC545 -US 13,408- Dysthymic disorder (depression - NC286 - US 9,016 -Generalized anxiety disorder -NC2,011 -US79,042 --Major depressive disorder -NC 1,335 - US 36,057 - Post-traumatic stress disorder -NC 8,874 -US242,507- Schizophrenia-NC420 - US 18,962 - Schizophrenia, residual type -NC 274- US 9,311 -Schizophrenic reaction, paranoid type -NC 901- US 33,170 - Diabetes-NC9,499 -US191,518 - Flatfoot, acquired-NC 3,170 -US 85,687 Hemorrhoids -NC 5,217 -US 138,421 - Hypertensive vascular disease -NC 10,722 -US 226,549 -Intervertebral disc syndrome (back injury)-NC 7,155 -US 138,361- Knee injury -NC 10,716 -US 259,498 Limited motion of the ankle -NC 5,216 -US 109,823 -Lumbosacral strain (back injury- NC 8,874 -US 199,694Scars, disfiguring-NC3,009 -US 99,508 ,Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) -NC10,626 -US 327,397

NCGOP Asking for Church Directories

Via dent, I see that the Washington Post is reporting on efforts by the NCGOP to collect church directories.

"Such a request is completely beyond the pale of what is acceptable," said the Rev. Richard Land, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

During the 2004 presidential race, the Bush-Cheney campaign sent a similar request to Republican activists across the country. It asked churchgoers not only to furnish church directories to the campaign, but also to use their churches as a base for political organizing.

The Uterus as Ford's Theater

Here's a barely-related side note to my previous post. Also in the NC Conservative today is commentary about the role abortion issues played in the Alito confirmation hearings. In making his point, the author describes the risks of abortion as including "the possibility of killing the next Einstein, Beethoven or Lincoln in the womb."

I know we're born with certain genetic predispositions, but does anyone doubt that Beethoven's life did more than his parentage to make him worthy of our rememberance? Don't we think that, had the infant Abe Lincoln been adopted by a southern family by the name of Booth, someone else would have presided over the Civil War? There are a number of good arguments that the anti-choice people can bring to the table, but this is definitely not one of them.

Tabor and Honesty: The Continuing Divide (this time over RU-486)

NC Senate candidate and 3rd-string Jesse Helms wannabe Nate Tabor still doesn't get the difference between an honest policy discussion and demagoguery. Today's opportunity to cherry-pick the facts and practice the politics of fear is provided by the North Carolina Conservative, where Tabor is found trying to make hay over the safety of the abortion drug, RU-486 (which is not the same thing as the morning after pill). At the heart of the polemic is the fact that the drug has been linked to several deaths (different sources vary, but the number is somewhere between 5 and 10).

Vernon Robison (the Black Jesse Helms) Makes it Official

Lance first noted that Vernon Robinson (R), the self described Black Jesse Helms, was planning on running against Mel Watt in the 12th district. Now it official. It should not be a tough race:

The 12th, on the other hand, is not conservative-leaning: it gave 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry 63 percent of the vote in 2004, his best showing in the state, in large part because of the district’s large concentration of black voters.

“No one is calling this a close race,” said Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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