Holy Bible Batman

As a back-sliding Baptist I feel fully entitled to comment on all things religious, including the latest move by a collection of Greenboro theocrats to get the Bible included as a textbook in public schools. Special thanks to the Pope Puppets for bringing this to our attention this morning.

I'm all in favor of any school that wants to include the Bible in its classroom, but I object mightly to the term "textbook" to describe how it might be used. The Bible is a magnificent work of fiction, pure and simple, as almost any serious biblical scholor will agree. And if you need any proof, go read Misquoting Jesus by UNC professor Bart Ehrman.

Sen. Burr: Less Money to Prepare for Bioterrorism

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness, has said there will be less money coming to the states to prepare for bioterror attacks, because some states misused the money allotted them in the past. He then went on to say there were fewer restrictions on how the money could be used than there will be on future legislation. In other words, the committee did a poor job writing the legislation and outlining exactly what expenses could be covered.

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National News Roundup 3/21

Happy Primary Election Day in Illinois. Good luck! I just love the excitement of election day!

From The Washington Post: Even the President's success stories about the war are failures. Old forecasts about the war have been proven completely and utterly wrong - our soldiers were greeted with IEDs, not flowers - big, BIG difference. FBI wouldn't let one of their agents get a warrant to question Moussaoui before 9/11. Maybe he shouldn't be the only one on trial. Chertoff's a smart guy, but the wrong one for the job. Isn't the cow already out of the barn on this one?

From The New York Times: You just had to know the insurance companies would find a way into the terror business, right? Republicans pitch to firefighter's union: "We know we stink, but the Democrats are worse." Western states facing droughts and flood - those red states musta ticked God off BIG TIME.

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November Madness?

Here's some light reading to send you off to bed. Someone has been fantasizing about how life might be if 08's big show were more like the NCAA tournament:

No election, not even for president,
drives people happily crazy. During March Madness, people argue
about rankings, slip away to study statistics and pick their
brackets, then duck work to spend hours watching the contests.

When was the last time thousands
eagerly viewed the Iowa caucuses, cheering wildly when 10 guys
gathered by a blackboard in Waterloo for John Edwards or John

SitNews - Column: What politics could learn from basketball By MARSHA MERCER. She's describing BlueNC, right?

While North Carolina Cannot Connect Durham and Raleigh, China Builds Train to go 260 MPH

I have been watching the debate and negative response to the TTA's proposed 18 mile diesel train route between Raleigh and Durham, and before they can even get anything together, China announces that they are building a train to travel over 1,300 kilometers at over 350 km/hr. The train will use magnetic levitation technology to reduce friction.

So, the supposedly tech-rich Triangle cannot get a diesel train going while China can build a super-advanced high-speed train. This is just one more example of America losing its competitive edge. Of course, we cannot produce engineers to supply large companies when we do not provide the funding that projects that would encourage advances in engineering. I am sure that we will be the world's leader in building roads (a technology as old as history) but we need some imagination, vision, and commitment to progressing toward a better society.

A Question for Our Readers: Sunday Hunting

North Carolina is one of a few states that still limit or prohibit hunting on Sundays. The NRA's North Carolina lobbyist resigned on Valentine's Day because he didn't want to be a part of changing a law aimed at keeping the Lord's sabbath holy. (I have to wonder: has this guy never played golf on a Sunday?)

Anyway, here's the question: is there a good reason for a state (such as, say, North Carolina) to restrict hunting on Sunday that doesn't also apply to the other six days of the week?


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