Saturday News: Systemic racism on bold display


OUTRAGE GROWS OVER NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES' UNEQUAL TREATMENT BY UNC BOARD: The controversy, which has strained the relationship between some faculty and the university administration, was the subject of discussion on Friday’s edition of ABC TV’s “The View.” Hannah-Jones’ case also will be discussed Monday at a special meeting of the UNC Faculty Executive Committee. Mimi Chapman, faculty chair, said any action taken by the Faculty Executive Committee would be largely symbolic. “But I think it’s important to convene and bring faculty together to discuss this,” she said by phone on Friday. The Knight Foundation, which funds the professorship, does not require schools to grant tenure for those hired under the program. However, in the past, all Knight Chairs at UNC’s Hussman School have been tenured positions. The program is designed to bring non-academics into the university.

UNC BOG Chairman lied about having college degree

At least he didn't claim to be a brain surgeon:

Ramsey, a Beaufort businessman whose company sells custom yachts and sport fishing boats, earned a diploma through a one-year Marine Diesel Mechanics program from Carteret Community College in 1981. But until last month, Ramsey’s UNC System biography page said he graduated from the college with a degree in Marine Propulsion, which suggests he had a two-year Associate’s degree.

The UNC biography was changed as board members who have butted heads with Ramsey threatened to make it an issue in the upcoming election. The change was made by UNC System staff according Associate Vice President for Media Relations Josh Ellis. Ramsey was not involved in the change, Ellis said.

I don't consider it a "mitigating factor" that staff made the correction instead of Ramsey. It shouldn't have needed the correction in the first place. If you look at my Facebook bio it says I "attended" Campbell University. I didn't graduate, and I would never even contemplate claiming I did, much less in a high-profile biography like Ramsey's. And as usual, Marty Kotis totally misses the point:

Friday News: Connecting the dots


MAJOR FUNDING FOR NC BROADBAND EXPANSION IN THE WORKS: House leaders put their plan on the table Thursday to spend roughly $750 million on expansions, most of it through grants paying companies to expand in unserved areas. Gov. Roy Cooper dropped his own plan on Wednesday, coming in at about $1.2 billion. The House plan focuses almost entirely on infrastructure, while Cooper's plan also includes subsidies to help low-income families pay for monthly internet subscriptions and, for 96,000 households, to buy them a computer. Lawmakers will eventually bridge the gap between the proposals, and the process will also include the state Senate, which may have its own ideas. But both chambers and the Cooper administration have been in agreement on the concept: use public money to expand internet access around the state. And now they have billions in federal stimulus funding to help do it.

Republican excuses, chapter 27: Gerrymandering made me do it


You can't make this stuff up:

It’s now up to a judge to decide whether to accept the prosecution’s recommendation. And the judge overseeing the case has a history with Lewis, having been part of a three-judge panel that threw out redistricting plans that Lewis led the way in creating, calling them unconstitutional racial gerrymandering.

Howard wrote Wednesday that he hopes federal District Judge Max Cogburn can put that aside — and recognize that in many ways, that redistricting lawsuit was the beginning of a downward spiral for Lewis due to “the immense time and attention it mandated from David to the detriment of his health and farming interests."

Get that? It wasn't the guilt over what he had done; stripping the power away from voters to choose their representatives while also unfairly packing and cracking his Democratic colleagues. Oh no, it was being called to account for those actions that put him into a "spiral." And he also had the burden of having tons of money thrown at him:

Thursday News: GOP Cancel Culture

UNC FACULTY MEMBERS SPEAK OUT ON HANNAH-JONES BEING DENIED TENURE: “Our faculty colleagues in UNC are troubled and tormented that conservative ire has forced the UNC Board of Trustees to back down from offering a tenured position to an acclaimed journalist like Nikole Hannah-Jones,” Aikat said. About three dozen journalism and media faculty, including Aikat, released a statement Wednesday saying they are stunned that Hannah-Jones wasn’t awarded tenure and demanded explanations from the university’s leadership. “The failure to offer Hannah-Jones tenure with her appointment as a Knight chair unfairly moves the goalposts and violates long-standing norms and established processes relating to tenure and promotion at UNC-Chapel Hill,” they wrote. “The national politicization of universities, journalism, and the social sciences undermines the integrity of and academic freedom within the whole University of North Carolina system,” they wrote.

NC GOP goes after mail-in voting with a vengeance

When voting on Election Day is no longer acceptable:

The county board of elections shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, a list in at least triplicate, of all absentee ballots issued under Article 20 of this Chapter returned to the county board of elections to be counted, which have been approved by the county board of elections, have not been included on the certified list prepared pursuant to G.S.163-232, and which have been postmarked by the day of the statewide primary or general election or county bond election and have been received by the county board of elections not later than three days after the election by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the statewide primary or general election or county bond election.

In case you're new to this game, the strike through sections are being removed, and the underlined sections added. In the minds of Republicans, a postmark is no longer relevant. Proof that you voted on time is no longer relevant. Keep in mind, Republicans (via Trump and DeJoy) screwed up the Postal Service, a big reason why that 3-day grace period had to be extended last November. And their "fix" for this problem is to throw out thousands of eligible ballots. Veto, with extreme prejudice.


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