RJA Update and Video

The Racial Justice Act passed the House Judiciary Committee this morning by a vote of 6 to 5. No word yet on progress in the Senate. In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, a video in support of the RJA featuring NC death row exoneree Edward Chapman.

A simple Thank You

It's estimated that teachers spend an average of $493 out of pocket on school supplies for their own classrooms, with some spending $1,000 or more of their personal finances just to get by. As education budgets face major shortfalls in the recession, out of pocket expenses are expected to increase significantly, merely adding insult to injury.

America's teachers are professionals that have dedicated their talents to the very future of this great nation - our children - and they deserve our support and appreciation for all they do.

Will Apple bite back?

The NC Senate, Inc., has scrambled in recent days to create incentives designed to lure Apple Computers to North Carolina. Dome has the story.

Under the bill, only a company's North Carolina sales would be used to calculate its corporate income tax. North Carolina now includes a company's property and payroll when calculating the tax.

But as Elaine Mejia points out at Progressive Pulse, the bill runs the risk of being short-sighted and counterproductive.

Roy Cooper Visits the White House

Hey, Roy! Did you think we wouldn't notice? Did you think we would be able to ignore President Barack Obama's shout out? I think somebody was in Washington on business. I know you're a big Tar Heel fan and White House visits don't happen every day, but you're a busy man. There was something going on in Washington you're not telling us.

Come on, Roy. Out with it.

From the White House transcript of the Tar Heel's visit with the President:

THE PRESIDENT: Hello. (Applause.) Well, thank you, everybody. Please have a seat. We're not in the Dean Dome here, you don't need to stay standing the whole time. (Laughter.)

Newspapers at the trough

Dear Members of the NC General Assembly.

I read at the Dome today that newspaper publishers (and editors!) have lobbied hard against a bill that would cut into their lucrative revenue streams from local government legal notices. Not only that, those crusty journalists appear to have been persuasive. Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin, a Democrat, bought their happy horseshit, saying the bill would put newspapers out of business. That's terrible!

"I think we're going to shut down some of the local papers if we continue down this slope," she said.

David Hoyle, Pollution Superstar

For the record, I want to state upfront that I derive no pleasure from attacking elected Democrats for their behavior, and I look forward to the day when that won't be necessary. But as long as legislators like Senator Hoyle pursue policies that present a clear and present danger to the environment of our beautiful state, as well as the health and welfare of the people they're supposed to watch over, looking the other way for Democratic Party solidarity's sake is a pill I simply cannot swallow.

Thanks to an e-mail alert from our good friends at the NC Conservation Network, we see that Senator Hoyle has joined Jim Rogers of Duke Energy and Titan Cement as the third recipient of their Pollution Superstar Award:

Pollution Superstar #3: Senator Hoyle

It's time to quit this craziness.

From the N&O regarding McQueen Campbell.

In two letters to the partnership's land manager obtained by The News & Observer, Campbell bragged about his connections, writing that he had the "political presence" and "strong relationships throughout state government" to get developments approved "much quicker than any other developer."


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