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The Charlotte Observer made a change today that's going to make a lot of people happy. They are giving their readers the option to turn off the comments. If you haven't read their comment section you might not understand why some might want to avoid being exposed to them. Most days they read like a bunch of Archie Bunker re-runs.

I wonder if much will change.

Anti-Perdue Signs at RJReynolds Corporate HQ

Anti-Perdue signs at RJReynolds Tobacco HQ

Tired of getting kicked in both Raleigh and DC this week, R J Reynolds Tobacco Co allowed employees to post signs of frustration on the ground floor of corporate Headquarters in downtown Winston-Salem. The object of their collective ire? Governor Beverly Perdue.

Check this

As a long-time research guy, I find stuff like this interesting. Is there a way to use it in the public sector to capture continuous feedback and drive performance improvements? Imagine a public health system that had this kind of self-reflective mindset.

Thank god this guy isn't governor

It's easy to be cynical about so much these days, but you have to hand it to the people of North Carolina. They had the collective wisdom to avoid electing a pure-bred corporatist to be governor. Click the picture to hear McCory's pitch and savor the fact that he's not in Raleigh trying to eliminate public education.

Why the NC legislature honoring Jesse Helms is so outrageous

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At today's memorial for John Hope Franklin at Duke University, playwright Emily Mann -- daughter of historian Arthur Mann, a close friend of Franklin's -- related one of many illuminating personal stories about the pioneering historian and scholar. In a conversation about the North Carolina political landscape, someone asked Franklin "Where did Jesse Helms come from?" Franklin quickly replied, "From hell" -- "not missing a beat," Mann said.

June 15 - HKonJ march to save the budget

Two months ago we all came together to support financial reform and sound fiscal policy.

Now, with North Carolina in the most severe budget crisis in decades, some extremist politicians refuse to let the North Carolina attempt to stem the bleeding. 

Legislators are proposing unprecedented cuts to critical services by eliminating 12,000 teaching positions, cutting children's health insurance, teacher pay, cancer research, medicare, and job placement services, and closing rape crisis, abuse, and sexual assault centers across the state.  Conservatives believe the way out of the recession is eliminating the safety net for the economically disadvantaged while preventing the next generation from getting the education they need to succeed.  

PDNC Calls for Investigation of Easley


Contact Heide Kober, President, (919-304-2674)

Calling for accountability from our elected representation and strong campaign finance reform

Report on Shuler headed to House ethics panel

Congressional Quarterly is reporting that the Tennessee Valley Authority Inspector General's report is headed to the House ethics committee and Rep. Heath Shuler's conduct and that of his representatives is in question.

The inspector general of the Tennessee Valley Authority has forwarded to the House ethics committee a report saying that Rep. Heath Shuler contributed to the appearance of preferential treatment when he was an investor in a development that sought water access from the authority.

The inspector general drew no conclusions, however, about whether Shuler violated House ethics rules.

Richard Burr: No Friend To Veterans

As a veteran, my eyes and ears tend to perk up whenever the military is mentioned, whether in the media or even just in casual conversation. I can't help it. And if a politician claims to be "looking out for" or "representing" veterans' interests, I pay even closer attention, because that's one of those things that voters love to hear, but seldom follow up on. Richard Burr has developed a reputation as being "big" on veterans' issues, and I think it's about time we followed up on that.

Before I begin, I want to make sure that everybody understands that our senior Senator has been well-informed on these issues. He's been privy to countless briefings exposing the needs of veterans over the years, so any mistakes he's made can't be attributed to a lack of knowledge. Also, although I usually refrain from linking to (other) blogs because I don't want readers to have to struggle to find primary sources, I'm going to post a few here, because they are concerned voices that deserve to be heard.


Almost a month ago I published a Drupal powered website: GradeBurr.com. Since then nearly 300 people have submitted an online "report card" for Senator Richard Burr and had a chance to share their opinion.

As you can guess, I have little love for Senator Burr myself. Sen. Burr followed President Bush's lead on nearly every issue, from dismantling Social Security to ignoring the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina to undermining our national security with the failed war on Iraq.

More recently Sen. Burr:

That said, I felt it would be more effective to give people a platform where they can share their opinions than to list my own (extensive) criticisms. So far, the results have been mixed. I'd like to list some of the challenges and opportunities and encourage you to participate by submitting your own grade.


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