Friday open thread - Share your photos

It's a big weekend in the Muse household. The youngest is in her first musical performance. She's danced on stage many times, but this time she's dancing, acting and singing. We'll be juggling her performances with older sister's dress rehearsals for her dance performances later in the month. May is always the most hectic month of the year for us, so throw in some computer troubles, Mother's Day, two birthdays, EOG and EOC testing, end of year dances, parties and trips as well as the 9th District Dem Convention and the stress levels are up a bit.

To deal with it I dig in the dirt. Here are a few pictures of recent projects I've undertaken with mother nature. Please share your photos in the comment section.

Mystery bulb purchased at the Master Gardener sale last year. I've seen purple, white and yellow. Never peach.

Dying for daddy

The smoking battle in the Senate generated some nominations for Quote of the Week. First, a good one from Mark Binker, reacting to pro-smoking lunacy from a market extremist who's dumber than a stump.

Says Binker:

Right. Because if you smoke and get a disease and it kills you, you're not a strain in the entitlement system. (Coming next week, a bill to require all those with chronic diseases to take up bear wrestling, sky diving and live porcupine swallowing.)

World Citizen Award

World Affairs Council of Charlotte
World Citizen Award Dinner
May 7, 2009

It’s an easy 2 ½ hour trip to Charlotte, cruising out Hwy 64 from Pittsboro, Hwy 421 to Greensboro and I-85 to the Queen City. After finding the Westin parking Deck, I found the men’s room. The only other chap using the facility was my friend Gene Stewart, Charlotte Chapter of Veterans for Peace, looking every bit the tuxedoed gentleman. I donned my black neck tie and we sauntered to the lobby to get our bearings.

I was Gene’s guest at this event. He has been working the WACC to invite Col. Ann Wright to speak in Charlotte.

We were both struck by the military tone of the event. Well heeled men and women intermingled with bemedalled military folks in uniform, while Junior ROTC students practiced their best, upright posture. Gene told me that other WACC events featured peace activist speakers, and he was unsettled (we both were) by the military cast of the affair.

Congressional Republicans at 14% Approval

By way of DailyKos.

The reality, from last week's national poll:

PRESIDENT OBAMA 70 (68) 25 (26) +3
PELOSI: 38 (37) 45 (44) +0
REID: 35 (34) 49 (48) +0
McCONNELL: 21 (22) 60 (58) -3
BOEHNER: 16 (17) 62 (61) -2
CONGRESSIONAL DEMS: 44 (43) 49 (50) +2
CONGRESSIONAL GOPS: 14 (15) 71 (70) -2
DEMOCRATIC PARTY: 54 (53) 40 (41) +2
REPUBLICAN PARTY: 22 (23) 68 (67) -2

Don't ruin our natural NC beaches ... please

Dear North Carolina citizen,

If you feel as I do about maintaining our natural North Carolina beaches, please take the time to write the members of the House of Representatives, Environment & Natural Resources Committee, immediately. If Senate Bill 832 passes the House of Rep. (already passed the Senate) our beaches could soon be like the New Jersey shoreline.

You can cut and paste the committee members below.

Out of sight

"It appears voters overwhelmingly support drilling off the coast, whether it is a plurality that would allow it within sight of land or huge majorities allowing it somewhere off the coast," said executive director Francis De Luca.

Good old American values. So what if the world's going to hell in a carbon hand basket. Let's drill us some more wells, just as long as we don't have to actually see them. Corporate oil is counting on North Carolinians to think like a snotty five year old. That looks like a safe bet.


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