Really Gov. Sanford? Most Americans are Fringe

The incredible idiocy of Right Wing Republican politicians attempts to score political points by throwing the bodies of their constituants under 18 Wheelers rolling down Interstate 95 through Governor Mark Sanford's state and towards Governor Bobby Jindal's state is somehow expected.

You see, Republicans have decided to toe the line that says "We don't care about anything other than Politics here in 2009. Our vision is short-sighted and myopic, our popularity is in the shitter, but our basic values of not caring one goddamned iota about our constituants is in full evidence. Not to mention, we actually think that this is a WINNING formula going forward.

Let's explore the insanity.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has a message for the American people. The majority of you are the "Fringe" crazies of America.

Stereotype threat

"AS Department of Education officials consider how best to spend billions from the economic stimulus plan, they would be wise to pay attention to which programs actually help children’s achievement — and keep in mind that sometimes very small influences in children’s lives can have very big effects."

Why Does a Blue Dog Lick Its Balls?

He's got to find some use for them.

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) passed the House last session with all but two Democrats voting in favor. Of course, the bill never stood a chance getting through the Senate or being signed into law by Bush. But now that the Senate may actually have the votes and the President in office is an original co-sponsor of the bill, there are some strange grumblings coming from the moderate section of Democrats in the House.

So, did Blue Dogs vote for EFCA last session knowing it wouldn't make it into law or do they believe in the legislation? Were they pandering to the left then or are they pandering to the right now?

"Card Check" "Save Our Ballot" Burr Hypocrisy and the Return of Rovian Politics in NC


Yesterday, an Art Pope funded corporate shill group called Americans for Prosperity, that once claimed raising the minimum wage would actually hurt American workers, gave Richard Burr, a man who has made a career out of shortchanging American workers, an award “In Defense of the American Worker.”

Just typing that sentence almost made my head explode. But it gets worse.


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