Burr opens mouth again, inserts foot

Front page on kos today...

"Absolutely I'd do it [again]," Burr told WFAE, a public radio station in North Carolina. "The exact situation we were faced with was a freeze bank to bank. And as I stated, my attempt was to make sure my wife had enough cash at home to make it through the next week."


"It was not an attempt to run a bank," Burr said. "Nor was it a bank that was even considered then or now to be in trouble."

so...remind me again why she needed to get that cash?


Ty Harrell and Americans for Prosperity: BFFs?

Rut-roh. Rep. Ty Harrell (D-Wake) and his Time Warner Cable protection bill get an assist from the tea-partying, right-wing group Americans for Prosperity. When you call yourself a progressive Democrat and wind up on the same side as Americans For Prosperity, you're doing something wrong.

Please ask your state representatives not to sell you out to Time Warner Cable.

House of shards

Over the past year, Mark Binker has added a whole bunch of great multi-media content to his blog, Capital Beat. He picked up this contentious moment between Joe Hackney and Cary Allred, posted on his blog today. It's less than a minute, and definitely worth hearing.

Also, Binker covers the blame game as it gets neck deep on the out-of-control state health plan contract with BCBS.

Blogger Bash Weekend!

Happy May Day, which also happens to be the day before Blogger Blash! We're looking forward to seeing you and yours tomorrow here in Chapel Hill.

Also this year, we'll be giving out the first ever BlueNC Bulldog Awards. That's something you won't want to miss.

Date: May 2
Time: 2 to 6 pm
Cost: Five bucks

Report: NC Doesn’t Need More Coal Power

A recent report by the NC Waste Awareness & Reduction Network (NC WARN) makes a strong case that my native state of North Carolina can manage its population growth without adding new coal-fired power plants like the 800 MW Cliffside project which just began construction. Report authors John Blackburn and John Runkle even suggest we can phase out many coal plants in the years ahead.

Who dances to the tune of the banking industry?

Earlier today during the debate on the Senate floor over the Durbin Amendment to the Senate version of Helping Families Save their Homes Act of 2009, Senator Barbara Boxer said she had come to the conclusion that anyone who voted against the Durbin Amendment must be dancing to the tune of the banking industry.

The banking industry walked away from negotiations. Senator Dick Durbin has said the vote coming up will basically show which senators put their constituents ahead bankers.

I've watched most of the debate and it was pretty clear that Senators Durbin, Schumer and Dodd are feeling defeated over this already. Senator Dodd says he doesn't know how any senator could explain to a family losing the only home they own why it's ok to save the vacation home, jet or yacht of a wealthy family, but it isn't ok to save their family home.

They are voting now.

How Refreshing! You go, Joe

Vice President Joe Biden is suggesting we stay out of confined public places, especially public transportation. Thank goodness someone is willing to say it.

First, let's get this straight. VP Joe Biden was responding to a direct question this morning and he answered honestly. He can't help that the mind-numbingly stupid yakking twits on morning news and talk shows are taking his comments out of context. I'm talking to you, Contessa and Mika. He was asked what he would advise a family member if they indicated an interest in traveling by commercial airliner to and from Mexico in the coming week. That's a very specific question and Biden said he would tell that family member to avoid traveling in a confined aircraft.

He answered the question honestly and he is exactly right.


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