Breaking: UNC Campus Police Do Their Jobs

UNC's nascent white supremacy movement got the police protection it deserved last night. The N&O has the story.

The crowd that came to Virgil Goode Jr.'s speech Wednesday night at UNC-Chapel Hill heckled and harassed the former Virginia congressman, but did not stop him from speaking. A handful of people who sought to disrupt his speech were arrested.

In retrospect, it appears I was right.

Final Day of Blog Reader Project Survey

After today I will close out our blog reader project and post some of the results. I've seen the graphs so far and at least one isn't representative of our readers, so I'm giving us one more day. This survey takes about ten minutes. You can skip questions. Zero personal information is stored or passed along. We won't know who answered what to which questions. We simply get statistics and graphs and we'll share them if you will take the survey.

So, please, take the survey.

Oh...I'll give you one hint. We are a very highly educated crowd. Some days it even shows. :D

A vigil for Virgil

UNC campus police have an opportunity tonight to show what they've learned about managing protests, thanks to an uplifting event sponsored by Youth for White Supremacy. The speaker is Virgil Goode, xenophobe of the highest order, who will make the case for oppressing brown people on behalf of Jesus.

NC Democrats Push Anti-Municipal Broadband Legislation, Threatening to Derail Federal Stimulus Money

As reported by the Independent Weekly, Representative Ty Harrell (D-Wake) and State Senator David W. Hoyle (D-Gaston) have penned SB1004 (and it's House counterpart, HB1252), known as the "Level Playing Field/Cities/Service Providers" bill. Contrary to its name, the bill seeks to prevent municipal governments from installing high-speed broadband or wireless internet service and acting as an ISP, even if commercial ISPs have no plans to offer service to their communities.

Close on the heels of Time Warner Cable's announcement that it would begin testing "tiered bandwith" caps in Greensboro, and the annoucement of Salisbury's plan to follow in Wilson's footsteps and provide fiber to the home for its residents (promising symmetrical speeds of up to 100Mbps), these bills not only threaten the possibility that North Carolina will finally claw its way above the national average in residential broadband access, and do so in an affordable manner, it also threatens North Carolina's access to the $4.7 billion the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has set aside from the $787 billion stimulus package to bring broadband to underserved and un-served communities.

Read on for legislative contact information and learn why North Carolina isn't likely to receive fiber internet any time soon...

Hagan on NAFTA

Not just yes, but hayul yes:

“While I understand the President’s desire to maintain a good relationship with our North American trading partners, I am disappointed US Trade Representative Ron Kirk has said it is not necessary to renegotiate the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),” said Hagan. “This country’s current trade policy is not working. The manufacturing economy in North Carolina has suffered and far too many North Carolinians have lost their jobs. It is only right we require our trading partners to enforce the labor and environmental standards that we ask of our manufacturing industry.”

'Nuff said.

Duke Energy Needs Serious Dose of Reality

Yesterday, 35 protesters were arrested for allegedly trespassing on Duke Energy property.

News ABC 13 reported that Duke Energy's spokesperson, Marilyn Lineberger said that Duke respects free speech but has a zero tolerance for illegal activity.

Yeah, right. Zero tolerance unless Duke Energy is the..ahem..alleged perp.

From Public Citizen:

  • In September 2003, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission fined Duke Energy $28 million for manipulating natural gas markets.
  • In December 2003, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fined Duke Energy $2.5 million, resolving an investigation into allegations that Duke engaged in market gaming practices during the California energy crisis.

Thank you, Gerry Cohen

Some days it is odd where you find your bright moments and little slivers of hope. This morning I found mine in the N&O. No, really. I'm serious. I was reading this post about how Senator Richard Burr had sent a lot of money to losing candidates last election cycle and I scrolled down to find another piece about a Republican senator from Cary who wants to make sure North Carolina's laws are gender neutral. He must have daughters or granddaughters.


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