Dan Besse on transportation policy

Our friends at NC Policy Watch have the good fortune of featuring this excellent post by Dan Besse.

The economic stimulus package approved last month contains nearly $30 billion for surface transportation projects. That will help kick-start spending for a short-term economic stimulus, as intended, but it will put hardly a measurable dent in the backlog of project demands.

In the Piedmont Triad region, for example, one of the largest uses of the transportation stimulus funds will be a multi-million dollar pavement rehabilitation project on a potholed stretch of I-40. That will smooth millions of rides for the next few years, but it won't touch the issue of how to deal with rising travel needs in the long-term.

Brent Woodcox & NCGOP Perpetuate Big Fat Lie

Brent Woodcox, mouthpiece for the NCGOP, has reprinted an RNC press release with a big fat whopper enclosed. House and Senate Republicans are claiming cap-and-trade will mean a $3100 tax to a family of 2.56 people. They claim to be quoting an MIT study.

To be clear, Brent didn't make up the lie. Instead, he printed it apparently without an edit.

The NRCC put out a press release this afternoon asking if Larry Kissell will raise energy costs for struggling North Carolinians...


Will Larry Kissell Support Devastating Energy Tax?
North Carolina Families Would Suffer from Skyrocketing Home Heating Costs Under “Cap-and-Tax”

The realtors and homebuilders are at it again

The realtors and homebuilders are at it again, getting numerous bills introduced that would exempt them from property taxes, eliminate a counties' ability to try to levy a land transfer tax, and keep counties from exercising basic land-use planning tools. Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights) of some of their proposed bills:

Vice President Biden's Remarks from stop in Faison, NC



Goshen Medical Center

Faison, North Carolina

12:35 P.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. The Secretary of Agriculture and I have been friends, as you could probably tell, since the '80s. Tom was one of the finest governors in the United States of America. He, literally, has probably forgotten more about rural America than most people know. As the governor of Iowa -- and the commitment he made to economic development to these clinics in his own state -- all that he did before he was willing to come on and be the Secretary of Agriculture.

So I am not being solicitous when I say the President and I are incredibly fortunate to have someone who, quite frankly, knows even more about this than both the President and I know. And that's what you try to do, hire on people who really know what they're talking about.

God, politics and sex

Last December, my first novel was published with small fanfare by Kitsune Books. Since then, my literary life has ricocheted like a magic bullet from angst and amazement to delight and depression, humbling me every step of the way. Truth be told, I've been blessed with much support and many glowing reviews, surprised again and again how each reader takes something different away from the story I've written.

Today I learned about another review, posted by Rev. David Nichols of Shared Sacrifice. Mr. Nichols has nailed my book in ways I never imagined possible. In particular, he zeroes in on my exploration of politics, religion and sexuality, offering more affirmation than I could have hoped for.

The Show weighs in ... with a Ph.D. in economics!

You have to figure a think tank is reaching the bottom of its barrel when it has to preface its "ideas" with claims of credentials.

RALEIGH — The latest increase in North Carolina’s unemployment rate should signal government leaders to stop pursuing policies that have no chance of improving the economy. That’s the assessment of a John Locke Foundation analyst with a Ph.D. in economics.

A Fake Consultant Exclusive: Administration Announces Drug Legalization Plan

Washington, D.C. (FNN)—In a move some are describing as a “news dump” timed to coincide with the attention being paid to President Obama’s foreign trip, the Justice Department announced the Administration’s plans to introduce legislation to legalize and regulate the manufacture, sales, possession, and use of what are today legally known as Schedule I drugs.

Additionally, Schedule II through Schedule V drugs will be made available to adult members of the public at their request, with a doctor’s prescription no longer being required before such drugs can be dispensed.

The drugs being “legalized” through this legislation would include marijuana, LSD, heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy; also included will be all pharmaceutical drugs currently under restricted distribution: among those are Xanax, OxyContin, and Viagra.

April 11th: a Nest Egg Hunt in Raleigh

Atlas has shrugged. The Masters of the Universe have screwed up so badly that even with their massively disproportionate power and influence they can't hide their failure. The Ponzi scheme is over and the financial industry is so badly busted that they can't even manage to take possession of many of the homes they foreclosed on.

You have been directly injured by what these people have done, and what they continue to do. I'm really tempted to name names and go through the list of suffering- suffice to say that by my count two thirds of the active contributors to BlueNC have had their lives (and livelihoods) directly affected.


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