CQ Builds up Burr's Creds Among Black Voters...Then Smashes Him in the Head with a Brick

Congressional Quarterly has a nice long piece about Senator Richard Burr. It's a little odd. They start out singing his praises about his support within the African American community.

Sen. Richard M. Burr has opened his ears — and his earmarks — to African-American causes.

Though only 12 percent of his votes came from black constituents in 2004, the North Carolina Republican’s attention to that segment of the electorate could pay dividends in 2010 — either by lowering intensity of black opposition to him or by showing white voters that Burr can work across political and racial spectrums.

It is the kind of political legwork that might make a subtle but significant difference in a close race.

Kudos to Pricey Harrison

Two hours ago I had never heard the name Pricey Harrison. It just so happened that I emailed every sponsor and co-sponsor of HB726, a bill that would expunge the criminal records of those who committed a misdemeanor before the age of 18 and had a clean record for two years after.

My expectations were of a few form letters over the next few weeks. Instead, around midnight, I get a personal email from Ms. Harrison sent via her iPhone. And did I mention that I do not even live in her district??!

This is the kind of Representative we need in North Carolina and across the country. I ask my fellow BlueNCers to promote this diary and, if you can afford it, throw a few bucks to Ms. Harrison's campaign.

While we all bemoan the current inaction, we should also reward action.

Hagan Follows A Leader Who Admits he has No Plan

First, I'm a big fan of Kay Hagan's. I do not regret one second of the time I spent volunteering on the ground and writing about her candidacy on the net. That doesn't mean I have to agree with her 100% of the time and it doesn't mean I won't criticize her when I feel it is necessary. This is one of those times.

Senator Kay Hagan has opted to take a path that is a bit disconcerting to a lot of us here at home. In joining the "ConservaDem" Working Group she's left more than a few of us worried that she may not be as open minded as we might like about the solutions to many of the problems our nation faces. I don't recall her ever claiming to be anything other than what she is - a moderate Democrat. I didn't expect her to toe the party line or vote with the President 100% of the time. I'm not sure I would want her to. I'm just not happy that she has opted to follow along with a group led by Evan Bayh.

Water in WNC - The Energy Connection

Why do we need to switch to renewable sources of energy in the mountains of western North Carolina? Aside from the obvious, there's also the fact that energy production requires that we deplete our water supply to feed unsustainable production mechanisms. Watch this excellent data visualization from the wizards at Elumenati studios here in Asheville to learn about how our water resources are divvied up:

TigerSwan: Mercenaries move to Apex

From the Fayetteville Observer and from their press release:

James Reese, a retired Army special operations soldier, has been named chief executive officer of TigerSwan Inc. of Apex. The comprehensive security solutions company was founded by veterans of Delta Force. Reese will be responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. He was recently a vice president with Blackwater Worldwide, where he ran a high-threat security program in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Another war-profiteering patriot slopping at the public trough?

On Winning The Mexican Drug War, Or, "Fighting For Peace Is Like..."

The AIG Bonus Scandal having been disposed of for the moment, Congress is all a-flitter, all of a sudden, about the new “Greatest Threat To The American Way Of Life In All Of World History Of The Week”...and this week the threat is The Mexican Drug War.


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