What's the deal, Kay?

We heard about this last week, but now more details are leaking out.

A bloc of Senate Democratic moderates is quietly maneuvering to keep open the option of vetoing two of President Barack Obama's most ambitious agenda items this year - climate change and health care reform.

Eight Democrats who want to water down new climate change legislation have already joined with Republicans and signed a letter opposing any attempt to use fast-track budget rules to prevent filibusters. Many of the same Democrats also oppose using those budget rules to prevent filibusters of health care legislation.

MSNBC says you're one of the obstructionists, Senator Hagan. So let's hear it straight. Are you going to oppose President Obama on climate change and health care?

You were more than willing to use BlueNC to help get yourself elected. At least show us the respect of giving a straight answer.

Guv to environmentalists: Never mind

For all the happy talk about how Governor Perdue is taking on the tough issues, I don't see it. Especially when it comes to having a shred of sense on environmental issues. That's not what she promised in the primary or in the general election, but then again, maybe promises are made to be broken.

Perdue rejected strong environmental champions to choose a business-friendly bureaucrat head the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

This ridiculous decision by the Division of Air Quality to deem Duke Energy's Cliffside a minor polluter, a decision we can only hope will be overturned by the EPA.

Recommends eliminating nationally renowned environmental education programs that cost next to nothing.

And don't forget all that hard work on the green economy.

Why can't health insurance have this option in North Carolina?

As you all probably know, North Carolina is very restrictive about creating pools of health insurance, but why?

No reason that a statute change by the General Assembly can't fix. So, which legislator will step up to file the bill to get this done this year?

If the Maine Chamber of Commerce can do this, why can't North Carolina?

The better question is why aren't chambers of commerce (and other associations) in North Carolina advocating for this change?

State health plan politics

From the good people at Democracy North Carolina via the N&O, which apparently doesn't have any reporters left to do this kind of work.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina donated $643,000 to state politicians from the 2000 election cycle through 2008, the election watchdog group Democracy North Carolina says. No other company the size of Blue Cross has donated more to state politics, the organization said in a news release today.

Save Asheville by supporting Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith announced here on Saturday that he is running for Asheville City Council. Gordon has been a long time and loyal member of the BlueNC community and a front page writer. Over the past year he has become more interested in local politics and how he can help in his own community.

I'm really proud of Gordon. He's a passionate, compassionate man and even though my opinion doesn't matter one iota, I endorse him for Asheville City Council.

Today, I'm asking you to dig shallow and help Gordon serve the people of Asheville. Dig shallow? That's right, you see, Gordon has it all worked out so we can help even if we only have a few dollars to give.

Your small donations can make a big difference.
$10 pays for 55 door knocks.
$15 pays for mobile internet access for campaign staff for a week.
$20 pays for a field organizer training session.

Rep. Virginia Foxx Fails to Protect her Constituents

Recently we learned that Rep. Virginia Foxx blames the mortgage crisis on the "welfare mentality" of our citizens. She failed to distinguish between the vast majority of people who are facing foreclosure due to personal or family illness, divorce or job loss and the very small number of foreclosures caused by irresponsibility or dishonesty of the borrower. She lumped all people facing foreclosure into one group and according to Virginia Foxx, these people never expected to have to pay their mortgage in the first place.

Most of these people who got these loans that are in trouble now, got them because they never expected to pay them back. They expected somebody to bail them out. They weren't honest when they did these loans.

Cost of Second Hand Smoke Presented to NC House Committee

Today, Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief of the Chronic Disease and Injury Section of the N.C. Division of Public Health, will deliver a report to the NC House Judiciary Committee outlining the healthcare cost of second hand smoke to North Carolina. The report is based on the 2006 U.S. Surgeon General's report that provides state specific data. According to the report the financial cost to North Carolina is over $288 million. The personal cost is immeasurable.


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