4th Amendment

More on Burr's hypocrisy over IT security protocols

And his artful dodging of questions:

The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from warrantless searches and seizures. How would you ensure that Americans are protected against government spying but still protected against terrorism?:

"San Bernardino is a sobering reminder that America is under constant threat from hostile forces that will stop at nothing to see us fall. I will continue fighting to equip America's intelligence professionals with all the tools that are legal, valid and effective to subvert terrorist plots and thwart attacks."

As you can see, Burr's only recognition of the core of this question, how he will protect us from unconstitutional search and seizure, was the brief and dismissive "tools that are legal." As we learned from the Bush administration, such legality is easily decided with a clever staffer's scribbled brief. As to his flag-waving and fear-mongering election-year posturing, here's an excerpt from a bill he sponsored last year:

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