Two, four, six, eight, no amendments, no debate

In case you haven't heard, the amendment mess is even worse than we thought. With half of the latest special session behind us (the Senate meets on Monday), no one knows what which amendments will be on the ballot and which will not. Since the House didn't repeal the two amendments challenged by Cooper and the NAACP, will those need to be on the ballot? Could be. It all depends on whether the clowns in the legislature figure out how to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Hunting / Fishing Amendment could prohibit regulators from stopping shell-fishing even when it's dangerous to people's lives

The Pamlico Sound was closed to shell-fishing today because of excessive bacteria in the water. That regulatory action would be prohibited if the GOP's "blank check" amendment passes. The moral of this story? Republicans would rather see you die if it means they can take NRA money.

Know your amendments

Here's a blow-by-blow analysis of all the amendments and why they suck.

Victims’ rights will get extended to any class of people the legislature wants, including fetuses. This amendment will lead the way to making abortion illegal under North Carolina’s constitution.

Overfishing in the Pamlico Sound? Hunting with a high powered rifle in downtown Charlotte? Shooting dogs and cats? It’s all good.

What to say when people ask about the amendments

If I've been asked once, I've been asked a thousand times. What's wrong with the amendments? They seem reasonable and relatively harmless, why vote against them? Here's what I say.

Most of us try to be thoughtful and deliberate about voting. I certainly do. Like you, I want to understand issues and candidates and make informed decisions. Likewise, most of us want to believe that our elected officials are operating in good faith. It's hard for us to imagine they might be devious.

Why VOTE AGAINST Republican constitutional amendments?

Because we have to protect our NC Constitution.

  1. Republicans are playing games again. They’ve put six amendments on the ballot that will undermine the integrity of our most cherished legal document. And it's all for political gain.
  2. Not a single one of the amendments are necessary. All could be addressed through simple legislation. There’s no need whatsoever to amend the Constitution. Every living North Carolina governor agrees.
  3. This is a power play, pure and simple. So-called leaders in the General Assembly want to turn out the Republican base and weaken the other two branches of government. Republicans don’t like Governor Cooper and they don’t like the courts, so they’re trying to take over everything.

We all want to be informed voters. But in this case, we don’t have to spend a minute thinking about these amendments. Each and every one of them will damage our Constitution. That’s wrong.

Vote AGAINST all six amendments.


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