A Bipartisan Solution on Broadband

A Bipartisan Solution On Broadband
By David Young (left) and Danny McComas (right)

North Carolina’s attorney general is currently battling it out with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in federal court over a Tarheel State law that ensures a level playing field between private broadband networks and government-owned ones.

My Plan For Better Broadband By Darryl Moss

I have been mayor of Creedmoor since 1999. Our wonderful small town has undergone some remarkable changes in that time. We’ve improved public safety, promoted community and economic development and protected our natural resources.

Saving rural NC as simple as one, two, three

Great article in this week's Indy by Jeffery Billman, called What's Driving the NC Senate's Animus Towards the State's Metros? BIllman explores possible reasons our state Senate Republicans dislikes our state's cities. I don't know about you, but I have never heard an urban politician campaign on hurting our urban environments, but to hear what is happening in NCGA, one would think there was a cabal of cities out to destroy the countryside. However, the greatest harm to our rural brethren has come from the Senate Republicans themselves. (I've put a link at the bottom of this piece. Read his article for more.)

To Broadband, or Not To Broadband….

When President Barack Obama spoke about his plan to maintain Net Neutrality on Wednesday, he noted Wilson, NC, as an example of great broadband operation… Wilson set up a town-operated broadband wifi system accessible to all residents. Wilson calls its system Greenlight. It provides a fiber network to each subscriber, and offers video, high speed internet, and phone (local service). Issues are resolved locally, not through a long-distance, hard to reach unidentified person. Wilson is North Carolina's Gigabit City.

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