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Notes from the Commander-In-Chief

Yeah, nevermind the McCarthy hearings, or even the ludicrous Benghazi hearings; everything that happens to Trump is somehow "the greatest" success or injustice. As much as I hate to reproduce this idiot's rantings, studying psychosis is the only way to cure it:

The spy who came in from the lucrative government contract

Rules, regulations and the expectation of privacy are for losers:

The News & Observer’s Joe Neff reported Sunday that an employee of the Keith Corp., which has contracts to handle prison maintenance at several state facilities, used a spy pen to record a meeting he had with the prison superintendent at Maury Correctional Institution in Goldsboro. It seems the employee, Andrew Foster, who was the top Keith employee at Maury, thought the superintendent, Dennis Daniels, had not treated him fairly.

He saw to it that the video of the meeting was sent to two Keith Corp. supervisors in Charlotte. One of those supervisors watched it and then told investigators he instructed Foster not to do it again. A state employee later found the spy pen on an office desk.

Get that? They knew Foster violated a serious rule at the institution, but Keith Corp neither fired this employee nor reassigned him. And we only have their word he was even admonished to "not do it again." Had this been a state employee, he would no longer be a drawing a paycheck from taxpayers.

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon headed to the Big House

Where he'll have basic cable but no premium or a la carte channels:

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon was sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison Tuesday for his role in a bold bribery scheme in which he accepted a suitcase stuffed with cash in the mayor’s office, besmirching the city’s reputation for clean government.

Cannon, 47, was sentenced to 44 months by U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney at the federal courthouse in uptown Charlotte after a morning in which Cannon, who rose from the housing projects to the city’s highest post, admitted regret and asked for leniency.

This is a teaching moment for NC Democrats. Who apparently missed all the other teaching moments.

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