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Daily dose: Regressive Republican revenues edition


NC Senate proposes income tax cut, sales tax increase (Asheville Citizen-Times) – Average North Carolinians will pay more of their income at the cash register when they buy things so the rich pay less of their income when they file their income tax returns under a tax proposal rolled out by the state Senate's Republican leadership this week.

Daily dose: Cut taxes and borrow edition

NC Senate proposes new tax cuts, lowers funding for economic development (Winston-Salem Journal) -- The state Senate revealed Wednesday its plan for shifting the state’s economy into a higher gear, adding new tax cuts for corporations and individuals to a House bill supported by Gov. Pat McCrory. House Bill 117, known as NC Competes, passed the House by an 88-29 vote March 5, then moved to the Senate.

McCrory asking local governments to vote support of his $2.85B 'Connect NC' borrowing (Brunswick Beacon) -- Gov. Pat McCrory’s office is seeking support for Connect NC,” a $2.85 billion bond proposal to improve the state’s infrastructure, by asking local government leaders to review information and to adopt resolutions supporting it. At least two Brunswick County towns have delayed commitment.

Daily dose: Silencing whistleblowers edition


North Carolina's Ag-Gag Law Might Be the Worst in the Nation (VICE News) -- The North Carolina legislature has approved a law that proponents say is aimed at protecting businesses from property theft. But critics of the law say it is actually meant to silence whistleblowers who want to expose wrongdoing on factory farms and other businesses. Known as ag-gag laws, bills like North Carolina's have historically sought to protect meat and poultry producers against employees who document health or safety violations inside slaughterhouses. North Carolina's new law is "deceitful," said Matthew Dominguez of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which fought its passage.

Daily dose: Help save the Fox edition

Campaign aimed at helping Orange County Judge Carl Fox get marrow transfusion (AP) — The sheriff of Orange County is working with a Superior Court judge on a different kind of case, working to find a donor for a bone marrow transfusion. Sheriff Charles Blackwood is urging people who are eligible to join the national marrow donor registry to help Judge Carl Fox.

Judge battling cancer from bench, on social media (WRAL-TV) -- Superior Court Judge Carl Fox continues to dispense justice as he deals with a possible death sentence of his own - a blood cancer that requires a bone marrow transplant to survive.

Daily dose: Queen Aldona not paying her bills version


State owes medical providers for caring for poor, elderly (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The state Medicaid office owes medical providers nearly two years worth of back payments for poor, elderly patients, an expense that will increase past and future costs, according to the state budget office. The state has not been properly paying providers for patients who use both Medicare, the federal government health insurance for the elderly, and Medicaid, the government health insurance for the poor. Providers have been complaining since the state first started using a new Medicaid payment system called NCTracks in July 2013 that they were being underpaid, but the state did not start making those payments until March of this year.

Daily dose: Grimesey firing fallout edition


Three School Board Members Resign; Grimesey's Return Possible (Southern Pines Pilot) -- Moore County Board of Education members Sue Black, Ben Cameron and Kathy Farren resigned Saturday afternoon following ­withering and almost universal community condemnation of their vote Thursday to fire Schools Superintendent Robert Grimesey.

School Board Members' Letters of Resignation (Southern Pines Pilot) -- Following is the text of the letters of resignation issued Saturday from Sue Black, Ben Cameron and Kathy Farren:

Daily dose: Burying the misogynistic lede edition

McCrory seeks to obscure his signing of abortion bill (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory says he has signed legislation that makes North Carolina one of several states with 72-hour waiting periods for an abortion. McCrory's office sent an email Friday evening which announced that he had signed pardons for two brothers wrongfully imprisoned for three decades in the killing of an 11-year-old girl. At the bottom of the email, it was noted that McCrory had also signed nine bills, listing each bill by their number without referring to their specific title.

Daily dose: Supremely partisan edition


Legislature backs up-or-down vote for NC high court justices (AP) — The North Carolina legislature formally agreed Thursday to try another method of electing some judges to the state's highest court.

McCrory gets bill to change NC Supreme Court elections (Raleigh News & Observer) -- A plan to change how North Carolina elects its Supreme Court justices is headed to Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk after a 65-49 N.C. House vote Thursday.

Daily dose: Compounding the lie version

N.C. Legislature passes bill mandating 72-hour wait for abortion (LA Times) – When Gov. Pat McCrory signs the bill into law, North Carolina would become the fifth state to require that women receive counseling from a healthcare provider three days before receiving an abortion. Missouri, Utah and South Dakota also impose 72-hour delays, and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed similar legislation into law last month.

North Carolina OKs bill for 72-hour wait period for abortion (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday that would make the state one of several with 72-hour waiting periods for an abortion, sending the bill to the Republican governor who plans to sign it.

Daily dose: Gunning for Sheriffs edition


New NC gun bill ends sheriff pistol permit system (AP) — A reworked gun bill in the North Carolina House would eliminate the state's longstanding pistol permit application system in six years rather than three and place new limits upon sheriffs who issue or deny those permits in the interim.


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