DINO hunt

Calling out Ken Goodman and "bipartisan" bigotry

Because nobody else seems interested in rocking the boat:

In regards to the furniture market losing customers, State Representative Ken Goodman tweeted "April Market is not a vacation. It's critical for buyers. They'll come."

He also tweeted. "They manufacture in the most oppressive countries in the world."

In other words, if they don't come, here's an ad hominem reason for us to write them off. Aren't the Main Street Dems supposed to be pro-business? Apparently that only applies to businesses who support the suppression of certain elements in our society. And aren't the Main Street Dems supposed to be all about avoiding social issues and laser-focusing on economic growth? The truth is, they are mainly concerned with cashing in on what they see as a successful political movement by Republicans, and are willing to discard every element of the NCDP Platform in order to do that. Follow me below the fold so we can talk about that Big Tent:

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